Monday, January 28, 2008

The Democrats won't win - no matter how much they cry!!

Regarding the issue of how & when the troops are going to be reduced, Democrats aren't going to get their say on the matter and that's the way it should be.

They aren't the ones who determine that, the President - The commander In Chief - is the one who will decide.

The main reason Democrats want a say is so that they can try to take credit for what this Administration has done. People (like the blind partisan cultists on here who go along with the democrat party line without question) have tried to pin the Iraq situation to Bush like an Albatross... even to the point of denying the progress and successes of the surge plan enacted by this Administration.

And now that Bush has made such major progress as a major reduction in troops by year's end - the Democrats want to try and take away the due credit by demanding a say in the plan.

That's not gonna happen with this impotent, do-nothing Democrat "controlled" Congress, even if they could do anything besides fall flat on their asses.

Congress deserves no credit for the progress, and no say in how that decrese will happen.

And people like that COWARD Virginia Senator Jim Webb, need to get it in their heads that the old ways of partisan democrat politics has been rejected by the people of America (as seen by today's huge support of Senator Obama) - and those like Webb, Clinton, Reid, etc need to get in line with how things will be.

Democrats aren't going to win the White House in November... hell, they better pray they can keep ONE of their prescious Houses of Congress - so those who manage to survive the purging of the Clinton-esque partisans who are the problem with D.C. and the state of things in America today better be willing to work with whichever Republican who gets inducted into the White House next year.

The BEST the Democrats can hope for is that enough of them follow Teddy Kennedy's lead today by supporting Barack Obama as the face of the party for the years to come. It's about time that party exhibits the type of integrity, unity, and unselfish behavior that Obama seems to display in all that he does. I wish them the best, but I won't expect much from them. There's far too many of the Clinton types fighting for power that it will be hard for the "good" Democrats like Obama to win out.


The Bill/Hillary dirty tactic conspiracy

I find it odd how Joe bounces between how he feels the Clinton campaign will do/say anything to win and one that isn't so quick to criticize any given tactic.

Awhile back Hillary was on National TV saying how she will be the Democrat nominee, and when asked what would she do if she weren't, she express that she would be, so any other thought is not necessary.

That interview showed how Hillary will not accept defeat, and I totally believe that everything that has happened so far has had her stamp of approval on it.

We all know how control-oriented she is, and how much of the problems with Bill's Presidency came from her taking control over issues she had no business being involved with... so why should things change now?

Do you really think that Hillary would let Bill screw up her chance? Sure she will let him do the dirty work for her so that she can try to claim to be above that mess, but I have no doubts that she is endorsing the Bill tactics/comments - if not the one suggesting he do them.

There's no doubt that Hillary (and her staff/surrogates/supporters) will do/say anything so that they can have her win the Democrat nominee... and it's a shame that not enough Democrats & voters can see how bad this is for our country - hopefully enough of you will in time to stop her & to put someone with integrity like Obama in that spot, someone with a decent chance to win in November.

Bill Clinton & potential voter tampering in Nevada?

I'm so glad to finally hear someone say what people have been thinking - but it's time for Joe to go even further!!
He was totally correct about Bill Clinton lying about voter tampering in Las Vegas... but what I would like to see is someone like Joe go on record as to what this tactic by Bill Clinton was all about.
The result of Bill Clinton (and the loyal Clinton campaign staffers and/or commentators on MSNBC) saying this about Obama's campaign (when at best it was Obama supporters) was to get people to vote for Hillary.
This is in effect voter tampering because it used lies & false accusations about Hillary's rival that resulted in potential votes for her that she probably wouldn't have received otherwise.
Will someone ask the Nevada organization involved with regulating this matter to look into Bill Clinton and any improper/illegal actions resulting from these public comments?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Is Tim Russert (and the entire NBC news division) working for the Democrats?

Tim Russert shouldn't get praise for the way he handled the debate last night. He asked questions that were blatantly partisan against the candidates, and even seemed to go as far as being in league with the Democrat Party.

Why should Mitt Romney have to give specifics for his strategy against Hillary (and let's not forget how Russert kept forcing Bill Clinton into the conversation) Clinton for a general election?

First off, Romney doesn't have the nomination yet. To ask him about something that may never happen on his part isn't a professional & Unbiased question, it was more like a badgering interrogation from a hostile enemy.

And even if Romney was the Republican nominee, why would he foolishly give away his strategy against the dirtiest tag-team American politics has ever known?

Was Russert acting on a direct request of the Democrats, or was it just natural for someone who is known as having a bias in favor of the Democrats? Was such underhanded plotting against the Republican candidates sanctioned by Russert's superiors, or was this just him being a rogue conspirator helping his Democrat buddies?

The question about the Iraq War was phrased in a very specific way that made it impossible for any candidate to successfully respond, unless they went beyond the strict boundaries given to them. And when they did (because none of the candidates were going to fall for Russert's cheap trick) answer honestly Russert basically tried to accuse them of avoiding the question, because he would try to force them into answering under his terms.

To ask anyone if the war effort was justified considering the losses suffered by our troops is exactly as asking the old political dirty trick of asking a candidate "when did you stop beating your wife?" - because Russert left the Republicans with two negative options without any way for a positive result.

Russert was trying to force the candidates to either say the war was wrong, which leaves them fatally flawed later on in the process leading up to the general election and open to a Democrat attack on the comment - or the candidate would come off as if they were oblivious to the sacrifice of those who have died in this war that obviously had many mismanaged moments to date.

Russert tried to block any attempts by a candidate wishing to say they supported the decision to go to war but regretting the way it had been mismanaged until recently when certain Administration staff had been replaced - while also deepkly regretting even a single loos of life to our troops.

Why did Tim Russert choose to disgrace himself and MSNBC by imitating the dirty political tricks of the Clintons with his loaded question?

I am amazed that Russert was allowed to get away with such an unprofessional tactic by MSNBC. It only proves how far the left is willing to go as they attempt to hijack the legitimate political process in favor of success. It's a sad day when winning matters more than integrity, and even worse when networks like MSNBC promote the liberal/democrat agenda. Just because they believe another network to be in league for the other political party doesn't mean it's ok to follow them by acting without morals and integrity that used to define the conduct of any branch of the journalistic field.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Clintons up to their old tricks again!! (or still)

Bill Clinton still can't tell the truth from a lie, let alone ever be able to tell something that isn't a lie... and Hillary is getting as bad as her husband.

It amazes me how these two always blame others for the very actions they themselves are doing, and how they actually seem to believe their own b.s.

Bill Clinton lost all credibility when he went on camera and lied about his unpresidential behavior with Monica Lewinsky, and he hasn't stopped his deceitful ways since then.

Clinton only had 2 years with a Democrat controlled Congress, so he can't take credit for the positive policies they accomplished. But even if he did do something other than the many debacles & scandals of his 8 years in office, it wasn't as good as he would have us believe. I guess Clinton forgot about the dot com bust that signified a bigger percentage loss for the stock markets than what we are going through now.

But here are the real accomplishments of the Clinton era:

Waco, Tx
Ruby Ridge
Elian Gonzalez
Atlanta Olympics Bombing
Oklahoma City Bombing
WTC bombing (1st event)
Hillary's fatally flawed "universal" healthcare (30 million uncovered)
Monica Lewinsky
Selling the Lincoln Bedroom to Chinese diplomats for DNC donations
Giving away our top secret nuclear technology to the Chinese
The twin embassy bombings in Africa
The USS Cole bombing
The African genocide wars
The Bosnia, Kosovo, etc ethnic cleansing
Allowing Bin Laden to form Al Qaeda & get strong
Numerous adulterous affairs after the 1992 "confession" & promise to quit
The numerous questionable pardons to fellow Democrats & drug kingpins
Pardons for family members & former business partners
Vince Foster's "suicide" in wake of Whitewatergate
Numerous campaign donations from improper donators
Conflict of interest after conflict of interest
Sanctions on Iraq killing over 500,000 Iraqis
Not keeping N. Korea or Iran in check
Allowing the Khmer Rouge to wipe out its own people
Choosing not to follow up on getting Bin Laden 3 times prior to 9/11
Getting impeached by the US House of Representatives
Getting disbarred for unrelated events
About 100 questionable pardons on his final day in office
Lying about what he did wrong & taking credit for things he didn't do
Distorting the accomplishments of the opposing party in total partisan fashion

And things haven't changed one bit since he left office... and too many people are once again believeing his & Hillary's lies. But hopefully enough of you will come to your senses to prevent another failed Clinton administration.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The danger of believing the Hillary Clinton "experience" myth

The Clinton campaign has been throwing around the term "fairy tale" frequently in reference to Senator Obama's qualifications for President.

It's typical of them to try to portray others with the exact negatives that plague Hillary Clinton, not her opponents.

Hillary's experience is the biggest myth that people are taking as fact, and it's a major part of why the Democrats are in serious trouble as more and more people are accepting the lies as truths with the goal of getting as many people to believe that Hillary is the most qualified candidate on the Democrat side of the fence.

Hillary has a history of failure, while also being in total denial of how inconsequential her time as First Lady in Arkansas & the White House really is. And then there is her record of either inept behavior in the Senate, or voting in line with the current President but criticizing him for actions he took with her permission.

Hillary failed the D.C. bar exam, and had to go to Arkansas for another try before finally passing the test - but never using that license in actual court litigation.

She wasted much time and money when she came up with a fatally flawed health care plan (called "universal" but had twice as many people uninsured as the one she now demonizes Obama for promoting) while being blind to the continued sexual indescretions her husband did under her nose.

She chose not to read classified intel documents at her disposal, even though they could have given her better insight on serious votes about the Iraq War that might have allowed her to not vote in step with this President she hates so much.

She never had a security clearance, never sat in on a security briefing, never had access to her husband's daily intel briefing memo, and chose not to be involved with several foreign policy incidents while she was First Lady... yet she claims to have more foreign policy experience than her rivals - even Gov. Richardson who was an integral part of several international crisis negotiations.

She has had many scandals from cattle futures, to shady campaign donations, to Whitewater, to selling pardons & renting out the Lincoln Bedroom... yet she claims to be capable of changing the status quo that the American Public hate so much.

It is Hillary & her people who are living a fairy tale... and hopefully enough Democrat voters can see through the lies being told to them in time to stop her from preventing a decent Democrat capable of winning in November like Obama from getting the nomination slot.

Let's hope enough of you can see the truth and not the lies the Clintons are telling you so that you can vote the right candidate for the job for the nomination... if you do that & put Obama where he belongs on the November ballots, I feel that you will be rewarded with a successful election and the country will benefit as well. The other side of that is that Hillary would at best cause you to lose the White House this time by losing, or she will do far worse damage to this country than 5 George W Bush's ever could!!