Monday, September 22, 2008

no big surprise...

It was no surprise when MSNBC proudly proclaimed that the new season of Saturday Night Live would have a Sarah Palin sketch where former cast member & writer, Tina Fey, returning to portray the Republican VP candidate... mostly because the entire NBC/Universal family is totally ok with expressing their liberal/democrat beliefs/opinions.

And because of the way the NBC/Universal family has an obvious lean to the left on the issues, it was pretty much a sure thing that the sketch would be one that pokes fun at Palin and her political party while also promoting the opposing party that is so beloved by this group of networks & other media outlets.

As anyone watching MSNBC on the Monday following that Saturday night can tell you, the sketch from SNL received total praise from what seemed like every single employee who was let on air for even the shortest time period.

If you had missed the show that night, you could easily come to believe that this wasn't just a simple sketch of comedy, but a historical event that will be talked about years from now as if it were Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech... if you hadn't seen the skit firsthand that is.

It was an ok skit, but nothing to brag about. When the time comes around next year, do get upset when it doesn't get nominated for an Emmy, let alone win the respected award for television excellence.

It was about as funny as any number of skits I could name from SNL's past year, but I can name at least 10 (or even a dozen) other things I have seen on tv over the past year that are much better than the way Tina Fey & Amy Poehler set the bar very low by putting several obvious and uninspired jokes into the skit.

I would actually say that the two women didn't put much effort intomaking a skit that would be intelligent, original, or even very funny - instead of just "phoning it in" as so many other SNL cast members (and former members) do when it comes to how they use whatever skills they might have as they attempt to make people laugh. I remember when SNL had cast members so talented that they couldn't help but strike comedy gold almost every time they were on the show... it's so sad to see how many of them simply do the same technique every time regardless of the situation (either because they can't or won't put enough effort into developing more than one character in their bag of tricks) like Adam Sandler, Will Farrell, Mike Myers, and even David Spade does in whatever they are doing at the time.

Another prime example of a lazy comedian (or maybe just a talentless one) who keeps going to the same old thing everytime long aftr it stopped being funny was when Chevy Chase showed up on "Morning Joe" that same morning to promote some charity cause his wife was associated with.

Chevy was so limited when he was chosen to do President Ford way back when that rather than try some half-assed impression (let alone an amazingly accurate one like so often done by Phil Hartman on SNL or even a Frank Calliendo on Mad TV) all we got from Chevy back then was his usual dumb trick of just flailing around like a drunk idiot who would use any fall to distract you from how bad his acting/comedy was that you couldn't wait for it to be over so he would leave your sight.

And like any of these people who can't even do that one thing they used to do anymore, Chevy resorted to answering questions on Morning Joe in a very loud & obnoxious old white guy tone as he just spit out some very partisan talking point as he made it very clear that he's a liberal democrat who is totally closed minded to any other viewpoint.

Which (finally) brings me to something I just heard on MSNBC about another former SNL cast member who was so untalented that after leaving the show he had no other choice but to do what Chevy did and run head on into the angry old white guy who also spits out the liberal democrat talking points and keeping his mind closed - I'm talking about professional d-bag, (and liberal political commentator) Al Franken.

Seems that Al is taking credit for at least part of the sketches on SNL recently where John McCain is made out to be as doddering of an idiot as Senator Byrd is on any given day in Washington.

Big deal... Al FRanken is still a Republican hating liberal as he tries to beome the worst thing any Minnesotan (and by extension, every American) would have to endure as he attempts to lower the quality of character (even for a Democrat in Congress) in Congress should be win his bid to be a US Senator in this fall's election in Minnesota.

It's no surprise that people like Franken, or the others at NBC/MSNBC who choose to let their liberal bias taint the way they do their job as an on air employee of a media outlet so obviously biased that they have stopped even trying to deny it anymore.

What did surprise me was that Senator Obama (or someone in his camp) had a moment of intelligent & origianl thought for once that resulted in Obama deciding to not appear on the same SNL episode that had the Palin skit on it.

It's not normal for these types to pass up a chance for double exposure - where you can attempt to slam your opponent while making yourself look as good as posible. But someone saw that having Obama appear on the same show that has a skit poking fun at the opposing party's VP candidate might come off as being too much for a reasonable person to consider acceptable... which probably was the correct choice.

There's no shortage of liberally biased media personalities tainting the airwaves - from Oprah's public comment that she would refuse to have Sarah Palin on her show until AFTER the election so nothing positive could happen to help the McCain/Palin campaign when Oprah made it publicly clear that she supports Obama 2000%

Or the many shows like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Real Time with Bill Mahar, any of the segments on Air America or MSNBC... hell, even such lightweight shows like ABC's The View, & The Soup and Chelsey Lately shows on the E! channel have taken a hard left when it comes to expressing their viewpoints.

It's so sad that the only examples of the opposite are just as idiotic like FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc make you want to throw up. Even the semi-reasonable Glenn Beck can't get through an hour without forcing his agenda down our throats.

I miss the days when news was unbiased, objective, and just reported the facts not attempt to force me to agree with them or be labeled a social pariah.

But I doubt it will end anytme soon... so what can a porson do?