Friday, May 09, 2008

How was this allowed to happen???

How is it legal for a candidate to "loan" their campaign money?

I can understand if someone like Mitt Romney wants to use his multi-millions in wealth to fund his campaign, but how did the concept of putting your personal money into your campaign with the ability to get that money back if/when enough donations come in to "re-pay" that "loan" to the candidate in question get by the people in charge of making the rules in the first place?

My problem with this practice is I feel certain that this could (and most likely IS in the case of Hillary Clinton) be an easy way for a candidate to bypass the rules by getting a huge sum of money from a "special interest" and passed off as a legitimate practice.

I have zero trust in the Clintons that this 11.4 million (give or take) actually came from Hillary Clinton - because she has shown time & time again that she has no respect for rules, or what is the "right thing to do" as she has said/done anything in her quest to win the nomination by any means necessary. (by hook or by crook)

The Clintons have a long history of shady dealings & will play by whatever rules fit the situation at any given moment - so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if she got that money from other corrupt cronies of the Clintons (like Ed Rendell, Eliot Spitzer, Jon Corzine, Michael Nutter, & TJ Rooney) if they get something of equal value should she become the next President.

This is a practice that needs to be removed from the process a.s.a.p. before someone gets elected to the highest office in the country because they got a paycheck from special interest(s) that get rewarded later for what should be considered totally improper for the election process, if not criminal!