Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mika Brzezinski's secret link to Hillary Clinton (and why she blindly defends her)

Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" is totally ignoring the FACTS behind a NY Times report detailing her lack of foreign policy experience.

Maybe it is because Hillary worked for Jimmy Carter's 1976 Presidential campaign as a field coordinator in Indiana and how Carter appointed her to the board of directors of the Legal Services Corporation that is behind Mika's bias towards Hillary? We all know how Mika's father was a member of the inept Carter Administration, so she probably met Hillary back then and formed the bond that causes her to defend Hillary so blindly.

All Mika needs to do is focus on the FACTS to see how little experience Hillary received when her husband was in Office:

Hillary did NOT have a security clearance - meaning she did not have access to classified information and could not have an informed opinion on any serious subject.

She did NOT attend National Security Meetings, and did NOT have access to the President's daily intelligence briefing - meaning she was totally clueless about any matter of importance in her husband's Administration.

Hillary did NOT get involved with three major crisis situations of her time as First Lady (Haiti, Somalia, & Rwanda) meaning she has no real basis to claim an real foreign policy experience.

Another situation where Hillary could have involved herself with was another missed opportunity because she was so upset with her husband over his affair with Monica Lewinsky that she wasn't on speaking terms with him when the idea of possibly bombing Afghanistan & Sudan came up among his advisers.

Hillary did NOT read classified documents that were at her disposal as a member of the Armed Services Committee - meaning she made uninformed votes on many serious matters of State. (like the war in Iraq)

Mika is either very dumb or very gullible if she thinks that Heads of State treated meetings with Hillary as they did with her husband or his Administration.

Secretary of State Rice has more foreign policy experience than Hillary did in total. A First Lady on a foreign trip is equal to being seated at the kiddie table for a holiday meal.

Mika is confusing quantity of time with quality of service.

But if that is not enough to discredit the Clinton campaign's myth of Hillary being more qualified than the rest of the contenders, here's some other things to consider:

Hillary couldn't pass the bar exam on her first try. After failing in the D.C. exam she went to Arkansas and passed their bar exam to get her license to practice law. Her initial failure in D.C. and then success in Arkansas played a huge part in her changing her mind and finally marrying Bill Clinton.

Even though she earned the right to practice law in the courtroom, Hillary almost never put her education to use in practical terms. This shows that even when she takes time to gain valid experience, she won't use that experience.

When Bill Clinton stood accused of having an affair with Gennifer Flowers, Hillary believed him when he claimed that he would never do it again. As her husband proved those statements to be a lie over and over again it showed that Hillary is either too stupid to know when someone is lying to her, or she was an equal partner in Bill's deception to the American Public all the way through Monica Lewinsky.

From Hillary's campaign management we can tell that she is either someone without scruples that will lie to cover her dirty tactics - or she is someone who can't control the people under her command. Either way, this disqualifies her as a legitimate candidate.

Hillary's campaign also teaches us that she will take money from anyone, regardless of criminal past or reputation - and only distances herself from these people IF the improper behavior is discovered.

When Hillary tried to force feed a flawed healthcare plan upon America, she showed us how she can't manage a staff of people or achieve successful results - while wasting time and taxpayer dollars without meeting the goal of the task given to her.

It's like when Barak Obama refuted the experience tactic by saying that this current Administration was full of people like Rumsfield & Cheney who had tons of experience... and look where it got us. It's far worse to have someone full of bad experience in charge - than to have someone less experienced, but full of common sense.

If you actually go by the standard Mika is advocating... then Mika has foreign policy experience from the time she & Amy Carter ran down the Israeli Prime Minister with a golf cart!!!

Get a clue Mika - you are the newscast equivalent of "The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd because of how dumb she is.