Thursday, October 11, 2007

Keith Olbermann - hate monger

Keith Olbermann never misses a chance to stoop to the typical liberal hate mongering. Once again he takes the low road by making ad hominem attacks on conservatives for no reason other than they are not ultra-liberal like he is.

Why MSNBC allows Olbermann to tarnish their journalistic reputation with unprofessional op ed programming is a mystery deserving of investigating. (never mind, it's obvious... they love the money to be gained from Olbermann's never-ending promotion of the liberal agenda)

It's sad to see that MSNBC condones the way Olbermann hurls insults at anyone not of his beloved liberal Democrat persuasion.

Why won't someone show an ounce of integrity and say that Olbermann is out of line when he does things like call Ann Coulter "Coultergeist"?

Where is Tim Russert, Dan Abrams, Brian Williams, etc when Olbermann stoops to the grade-school level as he did when he used words like "stupid" and "liar" in reference to Glenn Beck?

Why is it ok for Olbermann to go to such extreme unprofessional lengths when all Glenn Beck did was make an incorrect comment about Lewis "Scooter" Libby? Beck didn't make his comment on purpose, it was an honest mistake when he said that Libby went to jail when the truth is that Libby missed out on his jail sentence by means of President Bush commutating that sentence. It's not as if Beck said Libby wasn't convicted or some other untrue statement... he only got a minor point wrong while trying to make a larger point.

But Olbermann decided that this gaff deserved public ridicule, and he misused his show by turning it into a bully pulpit to abuse people who don't agree with him & his biased viewpoint.

And he did the same offensive behavior by calling Ann Coulter a name, simply because he doesn't agree with an idea in her new book.

If Ann Coulter believes that Jesus intended for Christianity to perfect the Jews that's her right to say so. It by no means makes her anti-semitic as Olbermann declared on his show. Although I don't totally agree with that idea being forwarded by Coulter, I have to admit that it's a concept worth debating.

Reputable religious scholars agree that Jesus wasn't trying to start a NEW religion with his teachings but trying to take Judaism on a new path. That was what made him dangerous to those in power at the time. A new religion wouldn't have threatened their power base the way a new version of the existing Judaism would have done. So, what Coulter offers is possibly as legitimate a description of what Jesus had in mind as any version of Christianity offers today.

For Olbermann to insult Coulter for what she believes is totally in opposition to the concept of Free Speech.

And for MSNBC to condone Olbermann when he acts in such an obviously biased manner while exhibiting offensively unprofessional behavior is just another example of why MSNBC is no better than Fox News.

Such obvious pandering to the liberal agenda on the Public Airwaves should never be tolerated.