Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh the irony (and hypocricy) of Hillary!!!

Just a few moments ago on MSNBC Chris Matthews (ever in his liberal bias) pitched a "softball" partisan question to Hillary Clinton regarding what she feels the standards should be for the next Attorney General.

I find it interesting that she mentioned things like "moral standing" when you consider how her husband's administration totally lacked any moral standing.

I guess Hillary "forgot" (like Gonzo does all the time) about how Janet Reno disgraced the office of Attorney General with such debacles as Ruby Ridge & Waco, or how her & her husband wouldn't meet the standards she offered today with such scandals as White Water, The "renting out" of the Lincoln Bedroom to "special interests", The Vince Foster "suicide", the pardons of Clinton family members & business partners, and the many sexual affairs that she helped hide/excuse.

I am amazed at how Hillary has also forgotten how her husband fired a U.S. Attorney who had jurisdiction over prosecuting the White Water scam criminal case which they were involved in, to assign someone sympathetic to their cause because he was a longtime friend of the Clinton's.

Or how Hillary doesn't recognize that there was equal cronyism in how her husband put Reno and Foster into their jobs as how this President placed Gonzo & Harriet Myers into theirs.

And the way Hillary continually attacks this Administration for being too secretive when she hypocritically refuses to have any documents from her time as First Lady be released until AFTER the 2008 elections is just too much.

Hillary is beyond "fatally flawed", she is the WORST possible person to be considered for the highest office in our Country!!! She needs to step down from the race... or the voters of Democrat affiliation should call for her to do so... IF any of you have an ounce of integrity, that is! (I don't expect to find any though)