Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's time to stop this offensive behavior on the Public Airwaves!!!

After that insane outburst by Keith Olbermann last night it is time that the management must take steps to correct such unprofessional & offensive behavior.

If you do not at LEAST suspend Olbermann for his totally unfactual & biased commentary then I will ask the thousands of subscribers of my blog to send emails to your network, the parent company, as well as file complaints with the FCC.

I am all for freedom of speech, even that of such obvious bias like Oblbermann and the typical NBC/MSNBC comments - but this has gone far beyond the level of offensive behavior that Don Imus was removed from the airwaves for doing.

MSNBC still advertises that they offer news without a bias, or with a specific agenda (in an ongoing ad hominim attack of rival FOX News) while proudly allowing such equally biased comments/reporting from people like Olbermann and Chris Matthews.

It's a blatant hypocrisy that either needs to be correctly defined, or something that must cease to happen on the Public Airwaves.

Where was Olbermann's equal reporting of the many pardons of his beloved Bill Clinton? There are many on record that are either for the same offense that "Scooter" Libby was convicted of - or for crimes far worse.

Why did Olbermann fail to express equal outrage at the pardon of Verla Jean Allen, for "false statements to an agency of the United States"?

What about even more outrage at the pardoning of people like Nicholas M. Altiere, Chris Harmon Bagley, and David Roscoe Blampied - who were convicted of being serious dealers of cocaine?

Could it possibly be because these people were pardoned by Bill Clinton - and it's not a problem when Democrats are seen doing the exact same activities that Republicans get crucified for doing?

If Olbermann was so upset because Libby was a member of the Bush II Administration, why didn't he explain that President Bush did for his fellow Republican what Clinton did for at LEAST six Democrats who had been convicted of various serious crimes?

You would certainly think that Olbermann would have to report (in the spirit of "a fuller spectrum of news reporting" how Clinton went even farther than Olbermann accuses Bush of doing - when Clinton gave a pardon to his own Half-brother, Roger Clinton, or Clinton's business partner, Susan McDougal, when Olbermann ranted about it being so wrong to pardon someone with such a close relationship to the pardoning President... but you would be sadly mistaken!

Why don't we hear such long-winded editorials from Olbermann about how improper it was for Clinton to reward McDougal for keeping quiet rather than doing her obligation to testify truthfully & completely - when not doing so meant that the President (who eventually pardoned her) would have also been convicted of serious crimes in the same criminal case.

If NBC/MSNBC, its management, or Olbermann had any integrity at all, they would have included that this pardon was a reward for not causing Bill Clinton to be convicted of crimes he committed, but never faced justice for due to the silence of McDougal paid for by the eventual pardon.

And if Olbermann believes that this Libby pardon was done in a cowardly fashion because the President didn't go on TV to announce it, but left it in a press release... then why didn't he say that Clinton's pardon of McDougal in what was the "final hours" of Clinton's Presidency??

Why does Olbermann repeatedly include damaging information about Republicans, when he always "forgets" to do the same about his beloved Democrats??

And why does the management allow him to get away with such selective reporting??

Could it be because the result is a huge amount of revenue from advertisers who want to be associated with such popular bashing of this Administration & Republicans??

It is no secret that Olbermann has been rewarded in the MILLIONS of dollars for doing the very thing he did on his show last night... this tells us without a doubt that his behavior is not only tolerated, but approved of.

But this was the same with Don Imus before the people said it was enough... and once again it is time for NBC/MSNBC to do to Olbermann what they did to Imus.

Olbermann needs to be at least suspended, if not fired for his actions last night. It is the last straw in a long history of offensive behavior on air.

If NBC/MSNBC management doesn't have the integrity to do what must be done... then it will be up to the people to take action and force their hand until the correct action against Olbermann is done.

It is time for the management to either take action against Olbermann... or for them to go on air to admit that this "used car salesman" type of journalism is their preferred way to conduct business on the Public Airwaves.

If they will not act, then we will. America is watching you NBC/MSNBC - how will your legacy in this historical matter be defined for all time?