Monday, February 05, 2007

Part 1 (of 2) rant on "Donald Trump"

WARNING: I havn't been online regularly since about 2 months ago, so I have built up some frustration and feel the need to vent on some topics that have me pissed off. This will be a 2 part entry, and it most likely will end up being very long. If you think you might regret spending time on these entries that you can get back, this is your chance to avoid the time it will take to read the entire entries. If you choose to read the entire entries, you can't blame me if you feel it was a waste of your time because this is your warning. ;->
The 2 parts of this rant will overlap because the topics are related. They will intertwine, but they are also separate enough that I want to divide them up into two entries. Enough of the introduction & disclaimer... let the venting process begin.
I want to start by saying that I think Donald Trump is a major-league DOUCHE BAG! If you haven't been keeping track of him lately, I'll explain in great detail why I came to this conclusion.
Recently Donald Trump was fined for having a huge flag flying from an 80 foot pole on one of his properties, even though he knew it would violate the local ordinances. Trump refuses to take down the flag that is a nuisance to his neighbors, because he claims the local ordinances are infringing on his rights of free speech & expression. I say it's just another example of Donald Trump's ego & his belief that he can do whatever he wishes, regardless of what rules/laws he is breaking. It's a way for him to express that he believes that people with money can choose which rules/laws they will follow, and which ones they won't - because the rich are better than the poor, who have no choice but to follow the law.
Also, Donald Trump was "awarded" with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I put the word "awarded" in quotes, because he didn't actually win this distinction. Donald Trump didn't receive the star for any accomplishment, he received it because he paid the money required for them to put the star with his name on the Walk of Fame. Another example of Trump flaunting his wealth by buying his way into a catagory that used to be reserved for people who earned their fame by actually doing something noteworthy.
Then Donald Trump fired his longtime assistant (a woman who successfully ran one of his golf courses and also appeared with him on "The Apprentice") because he was jealous of her growing fame & the numerous endorsements she was getting. It was a repeat of how Trump trashed his one-time friend, Martha Stewart, when it looked as if her version of his show "The Apprentice" might get better ratings than his show would. Donald's ego caused him to do whatever it took to get Martha's version of his show cancelled, rather than have him enjoy the success of a friend.
Another way that Donald Trump has earned a spot on my shit list is by getting into the arena of selling liquor. There's a "super premium" vodka with his name on it. I don't see how a vodka named "Trump" would be a good idea, or how the people producing this vodka feel it deserves the title of being a "super premium" vodka. To me, this is like a person giving themself a nickname - it doesn't catch on with people because the chosen nickname is usually an inaccurate description of the person who gave themself the nickname. (an example would be a geeky dude trying to get away with "Tank" when he is more like a "PeeWee")
I never knew there were "premium" vodkas, let alone "super premium" ones - and I have been drinking vodka for a very long time. Back when I first got my driver's license, my buddies & I would pool our money together so we could get as drunk as possible. To me, there were only 2 types of vodka - ones that tasted good, and the ones that tasted like shit. Then there was the ones with some flavor added, so that makes them different from the ones that didn't have an added flavor. I still don't see any real difference between the super expensive vodkas and the average priced ones. (the cheap ones that taste like shit are different, but you forget the bad taste as soon as you get a bit drunk... so it's only the extra price that you'll notice)
I am not dumb enough to spend the extra money on a vodka like Grey Goose, Belvedere, or Vox - when I know that my Stolichnaya 100 proof will do just fine. I also know that I can buy two of my bottles for the price of the "premium" vodkas, so it's not worth me wasting the extra cash on something that I won't enjoy any better than my less expensive brand. (and don't even get me started on how clubs get all retarded with the prices, because I know how many "shot" you get from a bottle - so of course I'm going to tell off that snotty NYC bartender who tries to explain why $9 plus a "mandatory" gratuity is reasonable)

But the main reason I have come to the decision that Donald Trump is a Douche Bag is over his fued with Rosie O'Donnell. The reason why he & Rosie are feuding will be a big part of the second part of this rant, so I won't repeat myself here. I can give you enough reasons why Trump is an asshole without getting too specific just now.
Rosie commented on her disapproval of a decision Trump made. I agree with her, even if I'm not a big fan of Rosie O'Donnell. And Trump made it worse by how obnoxious he became & by how little class he exhibited when responding to Rosie's comment.
Rosie made a valid point when she called Trump's morals into question. She even had some truth on her side when she brought up some of Trump's failed business ventures, and how he escaped it all by using bankrupcy as a way to restructure some of his companies. The end result is a situation full of success, but there were periods of severe debt & the bankrupacy filings that came before the eventual profits. Rosie never said that Trump filed bankrupacy on his personal income, but that's the implication Trump tried to use when he threatened to sue her.
Even if she did say that about him, that didn't excuse all of the insults that Donald Trump hurled at Rosie as a way of "fighting back" to the "bully" he claimed Rosie to be. For someone who claims to be the epitome of class & professionalism it was a perfect example of why he is the exact opposite of the image he tries to portray.
Trump took the "low road" that he claimed O'Donnell of doing when he used words like "ugly", "fat", "degenerate", "loser", as well as claiming that Barbara Walters didn't like Rosie - even though she hired Rosie to replace Star Jones as a co-host of "The View". (Trump's claims that everything Rosie does is a failure is totally without merit when you consider how the ratings for "The View" have never been higher than those beginning when Rosie joined the show)
Donald Trump went on show after show, hurling insults at Rosie while also hyping the new season of his show "The Apprentice" that would be starting soon. A man of good character wouldn't have kept a fight going, while also using the free publicity from all the people reporting on the feud to promote his show. (a show that has been declining in ratings as of late) It's a moot point, because if Trump had any character at all, he wouldn't have engaged in a public agrument with a woman. A "classy" guy wouldn't be caught dead being seen as the sexist that Trump shows himself to be.
But Trump went beyond sexist bullying of a woman. He added a homophobic tilt to his comment when he said that Rosie should be grateful to have her girlfriend Kelli - because Kelli deserved someone much better than Rosie. Trump also said that Rosie should hope that he doesn't send on of his friends over, because if he did then they would steal Kelli away from Rosie. (it wasn't clear if Trump was talking about a male or female friend that would "steal" Kelli away from Rosie, which adds another level of classlessness to his behavior)
All of this because Rosie called his morals into question, brought up the fact that Trump wasn't always a total success, and then swooping her hair in a gesture that imitated her idea of how bad his comb-over looks. Only someone with tons of ego would allow that to bother them to the point that they had to attack the way Trump did.

The ONE thing in Trump's life that has any class at all, is his daughter, Ivanka. It's sad that she has to put up with her father's bad example while she does a respectable job at showing what a person with class can act under the same situations. When Jimmy Kimmel asked Ivanka about the feud, she avoided getting dirty with the mud that her father has plunged deep into. Ivanka didn't make any negative comments, and managed to redirect the conversation to something more positive. Donald Trump could learn alot from his daughter... if his ego didn't get in the way.
If Donald were smart, he would do as his buddy, Hugh Heffner, did & let his daughter take over the main responsibilities of running his company. Playboy has done well since Hugh's daughter, Kimberly, took control of most aspects of the Playboy empire... I'm sure the same would happen if Ivanka was to be in charge of Trump's companies. BUT, I can't see Donald Trump giving up the spotlight (let alone control) even if it would be more profitable that way. His ego wouldn't allow him to do such a thing.
And because of that, Donald Trump will never be an example of "class" or "professionalism" in my opinion. But I seriously doubt he even cares what someone like me thinks, so I guess it doesn't matter.