Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh, those "devious" Republicans!!

If we are to believe the liberals & Democrats, the Republicans in power are a current version of Machiavelli.

Every time we see a news report dealing with positive actions by Republicans it is always mentioned that this is a "political move" only because the mid-term elections are days away.

Are Democrats & liberals so cynical that they can't give credit where it is due? Or maybe it is because they themselves can't make a move unless it has some ulterior motive or is forwarding an agenda that they believe the Republicans are doing the same thing.

My father used to say, "A thief is the first person to lock his door at night" meaning that if you are a certain way, you expect everyone else to be that way too. This is probably why Democrats & liberals accuse Republicans of having an agenda behind the positive actions they have achieved recently.

Another thing I find interesting about Democrats & liberals is how they will accuse Republicans of being devious or calculating, but they won't allow anyone to even consider the idea that Democrats in the House of Republicans knew of the inappropriate actions that Mark Foley was doing for years... and that the Democrats held onto this information so they could release it at a time when it would do severe damage to Republicans only a month before the mid-term elections.

We hear about how Nancy Pelosi is very intelligent, competant, and a good member of Congress.

If that is true, then she MUST have known about Foley's actions! And if she knew, then it also means that she either DID NOTHING about his offensive behavior, or PURPOSEFULLY held onto the information so that it could be used against Republicans in the upcoming elections.

If either of those things happened, she should be removed from office.

If Nancy Pelosi truly didn't know about what Foley was doing, then she is far too stupid to be competant as a member of Congress - and should be removed from Congress.

The same goes for ANY Democrat who has been in Congress since 2000, when Foley's actions were allegedly so obvious that his fellow Republicans are being accused of covering up for him.

If Democrats can put Republicans under the microscope for what they either didn't do or actively did so that Foley could do his misdeeds, then it is only appropriate that they themselves are put under the same microscope to be examined for the same things.

Donald Trump was recently on Larry King talking about many topics, Mark Foley among them. If someone like Donald Trump knew about Foley's sexual preference... then Democrats in Congress should have known the very things that they accuse Republicans of knowing.

If they didn't know, then they are too stupid to see the obvious - and should be run out of office at light speed.

But, back to those crafty Republicans and their political maneuvers.

The falling gas prices are because Republicans are getting their "Big Oil" connections to manipulate prices - so that Republicans can take credit.

The recent signing of the Border Fence Bill into law was timed so that Republicans could take credit in election ads.

The recent announcement of "benchmarks" in Iraq was done so that Republicans can take credit for progress in the war effort in their election campaigns.

The date for the verdict in Saddam Hussein's trial on November 5th is deliberately timed as being 2 days before the election so that Republicans can take credit in their campaigns.

Republicans have manipulated the stock market's record gains & the early reduction of the defecit so that they can take credit, as well as having something to take attention away from the Foley scandal. (something that Democrats seem to mention in every sentence they utter over the past month)

The obvious problem is this:

If Republicans are so smart & calculating, then why are Democrats like Nancy Pelosi & Joe Biden saying that Republicans in general and the President in specific are dumb, out of touch, incompetant, and other ways of calling them stupid?

You can't have it both ways. Either the Republicans are too stupid to be in office, or they are so smart that they can manipulate events to their maximum benefit.

Which is something to be expected from a political party like the Democrats - who have nothing to offer the American Public. That's why they keep the debate on what they feel is wrong with Republicans. If they get the voters' focus on that - and not what the Democrats have as an alternative - then they might win some seats in the upcoming election.

But if people ask the Democrats what their plan is, they will find out that the Democrats don't have a plan. They have an idea - that of not doing what the Republicans are doing now - but that doesn't say what exactly they will do. The options of what could be done are limitless.

One possibility is that Democrats will turn D.C. into a three ring circus.

It's the most likely result, since they are too stupid to notice someone in their midst who is trying to "get it on" with Congressional pages.

With such gross neglegence & incompetance shown by Democrats... a circus is the BEST we can hope for. I pity the country if enough people are gullible that they fell for the liberal Democrat propaganda that they vote Democrat on November 7th & the control of the House & the Senate change to the Democrats.

I'm just glad that the border fence hasn't been built yet... I may want to move to Mexico before the Democrats can totally ruin the country!!