Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Senate Hijack

Today the Democrats tried to shake their "Impotent" moniker by hijacking the Senate. The MINORITY leadership took the Senate into a private session. (Something that has happened less than 60 times) Senator Harry Reid is talking about the I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby indictment & the reasons we went to war in Iraq.

I'm looking up the procudure rules in the Senate, but it seems to me that the MAJORITY should be able to restore order by breaking this closed session. Supposedly this session will end in about 15 minutes (as of 4pm Eastern). Rule 21 is the procedure that allows a private session of the Senate. Senate Majority Leader said that this was done according to Senate rules. Senator Frist said it's like a slap in the face, and he says he doubts he can trust Senator Reid again too easily.

The Democrats are showing how desperate they are. Radically liberal groups like MoveOn.org are all over this type of behavior. They are trying to get 250,000 signatures for a petition to stop Judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court. Political Action Groups shouldn't have a say in the matter. The American public voted for President Bush knowing he would nominate conservative Judges to the Supreme Court.

The Democrats think America is stupid. They feel that we will fall for whatever b.s. they tell us. (unfortunately, some are dumb enough, like Cindy Sheehan & Michael Moore and spread the lies) Democrats spread lies like the one that Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is a "swing" vote for the Court. She voted with the Chief Justice 80% of the time. That is hardly a swing vote that is now up for grabs. If Judge Alito gets confirmed (which Democrats & liberals are trying to prevent by spreading lies) it will BALANCE the Court. The Court will then have 4 liberals, 1 moderate, and 4 conservatives. The only more balanced Court is 3 of each group, which won't happen. Democrats & liberals want a balance of power in their favor to upset the fact that they don't control the Legislative and Executive branches of the Government.

Judge Alito was confirmed UNANIMOUSLY by a DEMOCRATICALLY controlled Senate. How now, can they claim he is out of the mainstream? Why did they let him in the door to the courts if he was so out of the mainstream? Reason is, he isn't. He's out of the mainstream for LIBERALS and that is their problem. They want to enforce their philosophy through the Court when they can't get it done in Congress.

That blowhard, Senator Durbin, has threatened to evoke a closed session "every single day" and that Republicans should get used to it. This jerk should get punched in his pace for being so arrogant.

People need to remember this when they go to the voting booths. Oust these radically liberal Democrats who don't care about serving thr people who elected them. Send the Democrats a message that they aren't speaking for America.