Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Shut Up!!!

I'm getting really sick of some people spouting off when they should just shut the hell up! I'll give you a list of people, in no particular order of annoyance.

1. Tucker Carlson: Tucker is going on and on about the Valerie Plame leak story, BUT he is taking the wrong side of the argument. He is defending "Scooter" Libby, Karl Rove, and the V.P. even in the face of mounting evidence that they did wrong. He claims that if the indictments are only for obstruction of justice or perjury, then the investigation is a waste of time. If they had to cover up or lie about their actions, then they must have done something wrong in the first place. For Tucker (or anyone) to minimalize this is just wrong. Tucker is being so loud in his campaign that it's annoying me more than what the White House has been doing.

2. Scott McClellan: This guy is just about as annoying as they come. I wish I had a spot in the White House Press room just so I could tear him a new asshole. I would call him a coward for failing to comment on the leak situation, and say that anyone else in the White House doing this (no matter how high up they are) are also cowards for hiding behind the "it's an on-going investigation, and I can't comment" statement. They sure had no problem talking about it when they leaked the identity of Valerie Plame in the first place. They had no problem in the beginning of the investigation talking about things. But NOW that some people are about to get busted, they can't talk about anything. I would love to call Scott McClellan a coward & throw down my credentials in disgust, walking off as the cameras roll footage. He spends so much time avoiding answering a question, it should be a crime. The American people deserve better than a White House that is so cowardly when caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they clam up rather than tell the complete truth.

3. Spike Lee: Recently Spike was on Bill Mahar's show and tried to claim that the levees in New Orleans were purposefully blown up by the government, and this was a direct attack on African-Americans. Spike isn't the only one saying this, and everyone of them (like "Minister" Louis Farrakhan) need to shut up unless they can come forward with actual PROOF of such wrongdoing. Since Spike is so concerned, when will Spike come out and say Farrakhan should be prosecuted for calling for the murder of Malcolm X? Until then, he is just a hypocrite.

4. Jesse Jackson: Jesse Jackson should have stopped talking in public after he had affairs with people who worked for him, and got some of them pregnant. This guy is just a media whore who will say anything for any cause, just as long as he gets on TV. (see blog entries below for more on Mr. Jackson)

5. Al Franken: This guy is just one big idiot. He has the nerve to write a book titled "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot". This guy wasn't very funny when they let him on Saturday Night Live, and he seems to have no clue now that he's a political pundit. He is a radically liberal blowhard on Air America, and he actually thinks Minnesota would elect him to public office. They voted in Jesse Ventura because he was an intelligent alternative to the morons like Franken who litter politics. Franken was recently on Jon Stewart's show & he made fun of the V.P.'s heart condition. This & him making fun of Limbaugh's weight just show how low class he really is. In his latest book he fantasizes that the Democrats take back the Senate (with him as a member) and they impeach the President just weeks before he leaves office. Talk about your pent up anger at being such a losing team for so many years. I'd love to just punch him in the face.

6. Bill Maher: Bill Maher is another example of a comedian who thinks he has the qualifications to comment on the state of politics in America. I'm not a Republican (actually, I'm a registered Libertarian), but these radically liberal blowhards just make me ill. They remind me of politicans like Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Dean, Schumer, Durbin, Feinstein, and Hilary - people who are so out of touch with real Americans & their lives that they don't deserve to be in office.

7. Kanye West: Recently on national TV, Kanye West had the gall to say that the President doesn't care about black people. Considering that only 2% of African-Americans approve of President Bush because they believe the lies told to them by radically liberal people who have an agenda against the President, it's no wonder Mr. West said such a moronic comment like that. All you have to do is watch Kanye West when he got "Punk'd" by Ashton Kutcher to see what an asshole he is. And he only cares about black people as long as they keep putting out the cash to buy his CDs and any other merchandise he has to sell. It's disgusting that people like Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, Russell Simmons, Sean "Diddy" Combs, & Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson who "financially rape" their own people with high priced (yet low quality) clothing for major profit. They have no shame at doing this, yet they have the nerve to point the finger at white America for all of African-American woes.

8. Jon Stewart: Jon Stewart is yet another comedian who moonlights as a radically liberal blowhard who thinks they are qualified to comment on all things political. Recently he slammed the President for both sides of the Katrina situation. When President Bush was slow to act through the DHS & FEMA Stewart's show made much of the failures. But when the President visited the area 7 times to make sure the situation was being taken care of, Stewart still slammed him. Stewart even slammed the First Lady when she appeared on Extreme Makeover - Home Addition because it was only one home she helped build. (as if Jon was doing anything constructive by just sitting on his ass in New York) It's convenient that Jon spends a whole 4 days a week working at his job, rather than actually DOING SOMETHING to help solve the problem. But why would he want to do that when he can just pretend to be a newscaster & bitch about what others are doing?

9. Penn & Teller: This guy (the idiot that actually talks) is such a moron, he makes Al Franken look smart. I saw them on this program about Nostradameus & he had the gall to say that ANYONE who says that Nostradameus predicted the events of 9-11 should be arrested for failing to help stop the murder of those victims. He needs to get his head out of his ass & stop trying to be so melodramatic. To say that is offensive to me, someone who lost a family member on that day. A wise man once said (paraphrasing) "It's better to keep your mouth shut, and be thought a fool - than to open it up, and remove all doubt". The talking idiot should follow the lead of the mute one and just shut his mouth. He was recently on a Celebrity Poker show for charity & his charity was dealing with the Amazing Randi. Other people had real charities, and this jerk had some bullshit charity. This moron would be better off being in an all mute duo.

10.Kevin Pereira: This tool is a "host" on a show over at G4TV called "Attack of the Show". I call him a tool because he is in the pocket of a company who pust out a game called "Battlefield2". In the music industry this would be called "payola", but I guess it's ok for video games. Kevin never misses a chance to whore himself for BF2. He constantly talks about this game, like it's the ONLY game out there. It was such a regular feature on the show's "LAN Party Thursdays". I called him on this fact over at the message board for the show. Kevin tried to justify his constant advertising of the game, but he came off looking more like an assclown than anything else. Then he got me banned from the message boards for daring to say the truth. That is such a cowardly act, but one I expect from Kevin. The people at G4TV should get rid of Kevin & find a more suitable co-host for the lovely & wonderful Sarah Lane. We don't need someone willing to be the puppet of the video game creators.

There are more peple who really should shut up, but these will do for now. I'll keep you posted as I come up with more people for the list.