Thursday, September 01, 2005

ENOUGH Already!!!

I see that the "Reverend" Al Sharpton has shown up in Huston at the Astrodome. Why is this guy given publicity when he goes ANYWHERE??? The media keeps enabling him to show up whenever he feels an injustice has happened to the African-American community. Whether an injustice has actually happened or not doesn't matter, Al will be there in a jiffy. When there has been an offense he detracts from the injustice because the attention goes to him, not the situation at hand. He is a joke, and the African-American community should denounce him like the Muslim community needs to denounce terrorists; the Christian community needs to denounce Pat Robertson; and the Catholice community needs to denounce pedophile priests. He NEVER gets results for the situation he visits - he only gets publicity for himself. It's time to stop Al Sharpton from showing up at a place just to whore himself.

Another person who fits this catagory is the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson. People should have stopped listening to him when he fathered a child to someone who wasn't the woman he is married to. Seems to me that there is a commandment against adultery from the God he serves.

Jesse showed up in Florida when the 2000 election was in dispute. Who does he think he is? Hed's not a player in politics, and shouldn't be. Seems to me there is a law against church and state mixing it up. Can you say hypocricy?

Then we saw Jesse in Florida again when Terri Schaivo was the hot topic. Once again he was mixing religion with politics, when he should have just kept his nose out of it. He must have no soul since he can whore himself for the conservative, right-wing, republican topics just as much as he does for the liberal, left-wing, democrat crusades.

Recently he was in latin america to support the president of Venezuel, who was verbally attacked by Pat Roberson. (more on that guy in a minute)

What reason does Jesse have being there to support the Venezuelan president? Or was he there in solidarity of Fidel Castro, communism, or radical extremist Islam? (all causes supported by Venezulea's president)

But let's not forget where Jesse was before he was kissing up to a thug dictator who has threatened the national interest of the united States - he was with Michael Jackson durring his sex trial. And don't talk to me about how Michael was found "not guilty". I don't care what that jury said, or what those two trying to sell books are now saying. He's guilty of molesting children - PLAIN & SIMPLE!!! He has done it before, he did it to the kid in this trial, and he will do it again. We get upset over a Joseph Edward Duncan III, Catholic priests, or a John Couey - but we give the King of Pop a free pass to molest all he wants. And Jesse was right there, defending Micheal and smiling for the cameras.

Why has Pat Robertson been given a free pass to flood the airwaves with his crackhead ramblings? I don't care what he owns or runs, SOMEONE needs to shut him down!!

Lets give a rundown of just some of his rantings.

He once said that someone should drop a nuclear device on Foggy Bottom. (home of the State Department)

He asked for his viewers to pray for more openings on the Supreme Court - NOW. This can only mean he was asking for them to pray for the death of the Justices.

He has gone on the record saying that hewants the government to assinate the president of Venezuela. Later he claimed he was misquoted. This was an obvious lie. There was video that clearly had him saying what was reported. After that he tried claiming that he didn't mean "assassinate, that he meant kidnapping to take him out of power. (like this is any better than asking for his death)

Where are the masses of Christians demanding that these three stooges just shut the hell up? Where are the people demanding that the networks stop giving them free publicity, thus enabling them to continue. Treat them with silence and their effectiveness goes away, meaning then that they will go away.

It has come time to call these three to task, to make them stop showing up for a cause that doesn't want or need them.