Saturday, August 27, 2005

Is Cindy Sheehan Stalking The President?

I'm all for the idea of free speech and the right to assemble/protest, but I think a person can go too far. My right to express myself by swinging my fist around extends only to the point before I hit someone with my fist. My rights can't infringe upon others. I think this idea has happened in the actions of Cindy Sheehan and her "friends" at the so-called "Camp Casey" outside the President's ranch at Crawford, Texas. Her claim of being a grieving mother is betrayed by her insane rantings. She dishonors her son by aligning herself with the radically liberal left like MoveOn.Org and Michael Moore. She is either too dumb or gullible to see that these people are using her and her pain to further their agenda. But Ms Sheehan is not an innocent in this, not by a long shot. When she compared the President to Hitler and a terrorist she lost any shred of credability she may have have had. (and it was a small shred) She also said that America is not worth dying for, and by doing that she shows that she deserves not one ounce of sympathy or respect from any American, let alone a past or present member of the Military. Cindy Sheehan has shown her stripes in her anti-American rhetoric. Her son CHOSE to join the military and serve his country. He died for his country, and to argue against that sacrifice demeans his call to duty. It's like Cindy is spitting on the grave of her son. But the dishonor isn't limited to that. These anti-war protesters have been using names of fallen soldiers for their cause without always getting permission. When a father took a cross with his son's name from their side and placed it on the side of those opposing the anti-war people, they just put another cross with his name on it back on the "Camp Casey" side. I have seen footage of "anti-war" protesters getting physical with those opposing them, pushing them on camera. So much for non-violent protest.

I believe that this protest has gone on long enough in Crawford. The local government should revoke any permits regarding assembly, and they should enforce parking on the roadway near the President's ranch. With people running down crosses and others randomly firing off guns, this is not far from a serious situation happening. If someone (ON EITHER SIDE) gets hurt it will be on Cindy Sheehan that the blame will fall. Now is the time for Ms Sheehan to mourn her son in private and let the radical liberal left follow the President, complaining about the war.

Here is the brutal truth Cindy Sheehan needs to understand:

1. The President isn't going to see you again.

President Bush has already seen you once. He knows your view that you want the troops home NOW. He doesn't share your opinion. And since you have gone to stalking him outside his ranch spewing your hate at him, can you blame him for not wanting to meet with you? Maybe if you hadn't called him a terrorist, or compared him to Hitler you might have had a chance. Maybe if you hadn't aligned yourself with & Michael Moore you might have got your meeting. Maybe if you didn't have Howard Dean's former P.R. man scripting you every move you might have got that meeting. But you chose a path that assured that you wouldn't get a meeting... or was that your desire from the beginning so that you could attack the President?

2. Your "friends" are using you.

They have an agenda and you fit in perfectly. When you are no longer useful to them they will drop you like yesterday's news.

3. You have disgraced your son, your family, and your country.

You, in your "grief" have alienated yourself from your husband, He has filed for divorce. Your mother is of poor health, and you have other children that need you. To paraphrase the bible, "Let the dead bury the dead, let the living deal with the living."

Cindy Sheehan, you should go home and take care of your mother. Spend time with your living children. Mourn Casey in a way that doesn't demean his service to our country. In short, it's time for you to MoveOn.