Monday, August 29, 2005

Brains & Beauty

Now for something a bit lighter;

I mainly get my TV news from MSNBC. I watch all the cable news channels and read online, but I find myself staying on MSNBC for my news. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I figured out why I possibly do this.

On "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" they did a skit on the "news babes" of TV. For some reason MSNBC hogged the spotlight for this skit. I think there may be a connection between me trusting my news to these beautiful women. I mean look at the alternative: Dan Rather; Ted Koppel; Larry King, Geraldo Rivera; Britt Hume; Alan Colmes; and Bill O'Reilley are old, and quite frankly, not good to look at. It seems that the "Old Boy" network has gone the way of the dinosaur.

It was all started (for me, at least) by Ashleigh Banfield. She was the first woman I saw on TV that was both beautiful and intelligent. Ashleigh reported the news and made you believe that she knew what she was talking about - not just some ex-pageant model wanting to be in communications.

Thankfully, she wasn't the exception to the rule, but the beginning of a new trend. I don't want the news from someone who reminds me of my grandfather, I want my news from a younger, hip perspective. I don't know why I'm more willing to put my trust in women, but I'd rather see the headlines from an E.D. Hill than a Cal Thomas.

So, I have comprised a list of the women I trust to tell me what is news, trendy, technology advanced, and fun.

1. Monica Crowley - MSNBC

Monica has a PhD and has spent some time in the political trenches. I like that she can usually outsmart the person she is debating, while being a class act in the process. Plus it's fun to see her put that punk Ron Reagan in his place from time to time.

2. Morgan Webb - G4TV

I like to play video games and I look to Morgan for the best games to play. She plays games doesn't pull punches when it comes to her reviews. If a game sucks, she will tell you.

3. Allison Stewart - MSNBC

I loved her as a pseudo-newscaster on MTV (she lended legitimacy to a joke segment of MTV) and I'm glad to see that someone was smart enough to put her on a real news network. Allison is young & hip, and she is witty enough to add some humor to a news piece. When she fills in for Keith Olbermann I think she actually does a better job of being funny.

4. Amanda Grove - CourtTV

When I want to hear about the latest in trial news, I look to Amanda Grove. She is elegant and reminds me of a Audrey Hepburn movie.

5. LeAnn Tweeden - Speed

I loved her when she was on Blue Torch TV and then on "The Best Damn Sports Show, Period" and I like her on the Speed channel's Nascar Nation. I don't like racing much beyond Dale Jr.; Danica Patrick; and Angelle Sampey, but LeAnn can make the world of "go fast, turn left" worth watching.

6. Sarah Lane - G4Tv

Sarah is always up on what' s cool to play around with technologically and she let's me know where the cool places on the internet are.

7. Summer Sanders - Fox Sports

I like my sports, and Summer can bring it to you with authority because she's an Olympian. I like her kooky lists, and just watching her remind me that sports isn't all guys with so many muscles they can't even wipe their own butts.

8. Amy Robach - MSNBC

After that idiot, Don Imus, is done I can enjoy my morning pleasantly because Amy tells me the news of the morning. She is a breath of fresh air in the morning, and I need it since I am usually grumpy at 9am.

9. Nancy Grace - CNN/CourtTV

Even though I think she puts too much emotion into her program, it's that passion that makes me watch Nancy Grace. When she sheds a tear for some victim or their family, it makes you realize how human these stories are.

10.Lisa Daniels - MSNBC

Lisa makes sure that the early afternoon is just as pleasant as the morning on MSNBC. She makes the bad news a bit easierto take.

Some very talented and pretty woman are:

11.Ashleigh Banfield - CourtTV
12.Julie Banderas - Fox News
13.Chris Jansing - MSNBC
14.Kari Byron - Mythbusters (Discovery Channel)
15.Natalie Schmidt - Animal X (Animal Planet)

Keep up the wonderful work ladies, and thank you for making my day/night.