Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Better Left Unsaid...

A wise person once said something to the effect that, "It's better to keep your mouth shut, and be thought a fool - than to open it up and remove all doubt."

Kanye West should have listened to that bit of advice. Recently during a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims he said that the President doesn't like black people. This is a very stupid comment by Mr. West because it's such a ridiculous thing to say. One might take this as an innocent comment, but Kanye West has a history of being a bigot. He was on a music awards show where he won some title like entertainer of the year and he was upset attention was being paid to the best male vocalist - country winner. He was saying that country music isn't real music, and that he was the best because of his award, so why were they paying attention to this other guy?

I'm not one to praise the dumb show "Punk'd", but it does give you an idea of what kind of person somebody is when they get put under the pressure of being punk'd. Kanye West was shown to be an arrogant a$$hole. He didn't care about anything else but himself. When confronted with the idea that he was breaking the laws regarding the filming industry, he chose to break them further by trying to move location & then stealing the confiscated film footage. His attitude was "I paid for this, it's mine" and "I can do what I want" show his disregard for anyone else.

So, for him to criticize the President is something of interest. He doesn't seem to have a good opinion of white people. I guess it's the hypocrite in him that allows him to comment on the President.

Kanye West said he was going to contact his business manager to see how large a contribution he could make. I'm assuming that the relief efforts charity doesn't have an upper limit - so we can assume that he was talking about how much money he was actually willing to give. It sounds good for his image to say it the way he did... I'm just curious how much, if any, he actually gave.

I'm going to be looking into that little tidbit, and I'll report if I find out.

I'm not backing the President on this. I feel that not enough was done soon enough. More could have been done, and still can be done from a government point of view. But saying that the President doesn't like black people is an attempt to blame him for all the black people that died in the wake of Katrina. Many, many mistakes were made. But I don't think they were done maliciously. Some rescue efforts were hampered by people opening fire on the rescuers.

Kanye West should think before he says something as serious as what he did about the President.