Friday, October 28, 2005


I was watching C-span and I saw Senator Charles "Chucky" Schumer in one of his many bouts of diarrhea of the mouth. He was addressing a press conference in regards to the withdrawl of Harriet Miers' nomination for the Supreme Court.

When asked about who might be the next nomination, Chucky declined to name names. He was asked about Priscilla Owen, and he responded that she would be a tough sell because she was already defeated once.

I guess Schumer forgot that Priscilla Owen is on the US Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit. She was confirmed back in May of this year with 56 votes in the Senate. Schumer tries to forget because he was left IMPOTENT because of the "gang of 12". (which somehow Chucky got involved with after the fact & became the "gang of 14") I love how Chucky jumped on the bandwagon after it was obvious that he couldn't do anything about blocking the nomination. For being on the Judiciary Committee he sure doesn't seem to matter. But, like a small dog yapping, he sure tries to get in front of the cameras. A LOT! Chucky will not miss a chance to whore himself for the cameras. He has this need because deep down he knows that nobody gives a crap about anything he has to say. New York is just two idiot seats in the Senate anyway.

Even viagra couldn't solve Chucky's impotence problem as far as power in the Senate goes. He is a pair of clown shoes, the mentally challenged family member you try to hide from comapny when they visit.

Chucky needs to realize that what he has to say isn't going to matter much in the real world. He is the butt of a joke that isn't even funny. The President doesn't need to consult with him to get a qualified nominee confirmed & Chucky knows this. So, he grabs the spotlight every chance he can because it's all he has.

If the President wants Priscilla Owen on the Supreme Court, then she will get confirmed. I expect the new nominee to be announced very soon, to distract attention away from the possible indictments that could come from the CIA leak investigation. (I predict the grand jury will be extended, and that at least "Scooter" Libby gets indicted by Friday night. I also expect Karl Rove & V.P. Cheney to be in the hot seat as the grand jury continues to investigate.) So, I expect to wake up and see Priscilla Owen by the President's side as he announces her as the new nominee as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. Then We'll see many Senators (especially the 56 who voted "yes" in her earlier confirmation) say this is a very solid choice that should go smoothly to confirmation.

Then we will see poor impotent Chucky cry to the cameras, even as he knows that he can do nothing to stop her confirmation. I expect many Democrats to jump on the bandwagon & that conservatives to agree on her nomination.

Maybe Chucky should just think about what he is going to do when he doesn't get re-elected the next time he's up on the chopping block? That would serve him better than his vain efforts at trying to convince us he actually matters.