Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Prediction

I say that the White House will soon be pulling the nomination of Harriet Miers for Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. (if she doesn't ask that her nomination gets pulled first)

It's quite obvious that this woman isn't qualified to fill the spot being made vacant by the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor. America deserves better.

I believe this was a ruse by the White House from the start. I predict that we will see Priscilla Owen nominated for the position very soon. Back on September 12th of this year, Robert Novak reported that the President met with Owen secretly the previous week. I feel this was to prepare her for the scenario that would eventually get her on the Supreme Court.

Think about it. Seriously. It's a way for the White House to get the person they want in the position very easily. Put Miers up for the job & when people are so sick of hearing about her, you pull the bait & switch with Owen getting the nod. Compared to Miers, Priscilla Owen is about 1000% more qualified. And thanks to the "gang of 12" and their compromise earlier this year, the Democrats can't claim she is a judicial activist who is out of the mainstream - at least not without showing how hypocritical they are. Priscilla Owen was confirmed to the Federal Appellate Courts, and to vote against her now if you voted for her then would bring out the "Constitutional Option" by Republicans that would break the "Nuclear Option" that Democrats threatened to use earlier this year.

I didn't know Novak had written about this until I did some research for this entry. I hate having the same point of view as that jerk, but I think he has it right. Here is the link to the article I mentioned above:

Frankly, I think Priscilla Owen would be a great choice to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. America would be served well by such a Supreme Court Associate Justice. She is intelligent enough for the job, and she seems to be one to defend the law, not re-write it.