Thursday, October 27, 2005


Just before 9am today it was reported that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination for Associate Justice to the Supreme Court.

I predicted this would happen, and now I'm waiting for the nomination of Priscilla Owen for the spot that will be vacated by Sandra Day O'Connor.

I have already heard enough of people saying how important O'Connor's spot is, how she was the "swing vote" on so many issues. What a load of crap! Sandra Day O'Connor voted with Chief Justice Renquist 80% of the time. That means, on average, only 1 out of 5 votes did she not take the conservative stance. That's not even close to being a swing vote. This "swing vote" comment is just liberals trying to make the position seem more important than it really is. Sure, every spot is very important, but it will be the next vacancy that will be more important.

If the President gets another chance to nominate after this one, that will be the one to fight over. I think the best choice for that nomination would be Senator John Cornyn. He is well respected in the Senate, he is a great legal mind (like Chief Justice Roberts) and he is conservative enough for the people who were rejecting Harriet Miers on principle. I believe Senator Cornyn would make a great Justice, and I hope he gets the chance to serve the American public in this manner.

I'm waiting for Judge Priscilla Owen to be nominated... possibly by the end of the week, or Monday morning. This would take the heat off the CIA leak investigation that is about to come to a head when the special prosecutor announces who will be indicted and for what.

I'm looking forward to seeing a Supreme Court with both Priscilla Owen & John Cornyn on it.