Thursday, October 26, 2006

Will the real Keith Olbermann please stand up?

If you regularly watch MSNBC you might get confused and think that there are at least 2 Keith Olbermanns at the network.

This is because it seems that even Keith doesn't know what type of "journalist" (and I use that term very lightly) he wants to be.

If you watch the promo ads for his show you get the mixed message that Keith is either supposed to be taken seriously - as if he belongs next to people like Walter Cronkite & Tim Russert, or that he's funny, trendy, and in touch with today's youth - like Jon Stewart.

The problem is these are two contradictory qualities - you can't be both at the same time. Well, unless you are neither, and are just trying to be whatever will be acceptable to the target audience you are addressing at the time.

And that is the best description of Keith Olbermann: He's a hypocritical phoney who will do and say anything as long as it will get him ratings.

In a promo ad for MSNBC's 10th anniversary they had the various hosts of the MSNBC shows talk about their shows in soundbites. The part where Keith describes his show was edited after a few airings - because Keith made a typical insensitive comment. He talked about his show should be appealing to the masses, because he & his staff enjoy it. The offensive comment dealt with how Keith & his staff are the A.D.H.D. type, and his show is fast paced enough to keep even them interested... so this means everyone watching it would also stay interested.

It's these kind of insensitive comments that Keith just tosses out for the public consumption that shows he doesn't belong on a network that is supposed to be reproting the news. News is a reporting of facts, and has nothing to do with the opinions of the person doing the reporting. Keith can't get through 5 minutes without his opinions being clear. It's an op-ed program, not news - and MSNBC should have to put a disclaimer on Keith's show so that the public knows that the program has a slanted & biased viewing of the news events he reports.

I find it laughable how MSNBC & Olbermann try to portray Keith as a journalist of integrity and gravitas, when previous promo material equate Olbermann's show with Jon Stewart's fake news program on Comedy Central.

Is Keith a fake journalist - like Jon Stewart, or a serious journalist - like Walter Cronkite? I don't think Keith knows which one he wants to be. It's easier for him to be both, that way he can try to court the many demographics for maximum ratings. I guess Keith has no problem being a total hypocrite so that he can get ratings, because he will conveniently apply double standards when it suits him.

An example of his hypocritical use of the double standard is when he recently bashed the President for endorsing a Republican incumbant who has admitted to having an affair. Keith asked why the President, who Olbermann described as being part of a "Moral Majority", would openly support someone who has admitted to acting in an unmoral way by committing adultery? By doing this, Keith calls the President's integrity into question.

The problem with that is this:

Keith has promo ads that proclaim him to be the one how determines which people are morally fit, and which are morally deficient. This implies that Keith is a person of high moral standard, and because of this he is qualified to judge whether other people are fit or unfit - in the area of morals.

If this is true, then why does Keith openly support Bill Clinton - an man who has been found to have adulterous affairs with several women?

If the President is wrong and lacking integrity for supporting that incumbant politician... wouldn't that also make Keith equally wrong and lacking integrity for how he supports Bill Clinton?

But you won't ever see Keith address his hypocritical positions, because that would mean he would have to admit that he's 100% fake & phoney - and doesn't deserve a show as a "journalist" on a news program.

I call for MSNBC to put up a disclaimer on Keith's show at the beginning so that viewers know the program is not about the news, but an editorial from someone who is biased to one political direction... and that the host is hypocritical by the way he will do & say anything to get ratings - and have no concern for what his double standard hypocricy says about him.

I don't expect MSNBC to meet this challenge I have made, because they lack integrity as much as Olbermann does.