Friday, October 27, 2006

Why New Yorkers should NOT vote for Hilary Clinton

There are so many other reasons to dislike her, but I will focus on the one I feel is most important when deciding whether she deserves your vote, or not.

I think the most important issue is her refusal to make a promise to complete a full term in office should she get re-elected to her Senate seat.

Think about it:

If she is going to run for President, that means she will only spend about 9 months serving the people of New York as Senator before she will abandon her duties to start campaigning for the Democratic nomination for President.

Why should the people of New York waste a vote on Hilary when she won't be earning her paycheck less than a year before her 2nd term begins?

What good is she doing for the people she is elected to serve as Senator if she isn't doing her job the entire time until the 2008 election is over?

I find it to lack integrity for her if she doesn't resign from office once she decides to seek the Democratic nomination. IF she chooses to seek the nomination, of course. But you know that if she does choose to seek the nomination, that she will not give up her position as the junior Senator from New York. She will hold on to the seat as a back up plan, should she either not get the nomination - or if she does, but fails to become the next President of the United States of America.

And THAT is something I find to be terribly lacking of integrity - to run for President while robbing the people of New York of a Senator who will represent them in office. Basically, if Hilary won the Democratic nomination, but lost the election - that would be a period of 22 months that New York would not have a Senator earning her paycheck & not performing the duties they elected her to do.

Do you think that Hilary would do the honorable thing of repaying New Yorkers the pay that she didn't earn?

I seriously doubt that she would.

Just like I doubt that Hilary would do the more honorable thing by resigning from office when she chooses to seek the Democratic Party's nomination for President.

But, if Hilary had one ounce of integrity she would be 100% honest with the people of New York and tell them that she won't be completing a full term if re-elected because she intends to run for President in 2008. Well, she won't complete a full term IF she wins the 2008 election... but she won't meet her full duties that she is elected for if she abandons her job as Senator to go off campaigning for President less than a year after she begins her second term as Senator. (IF she wins the election... but I think we know that's a "done deal")

What do you expect from her, really? Her husband lied to the people of Arkansas when he ran for re-election as Governor of Arkansas. He said that he would serve a full term if they re-elected him, and NOT abandon them by running for President.

As we all know, he won re-election as Governor... and then went back on his promise to complete the term when he ran - and won - the election to become our 41st President. (Yes, I said 41st & not 42nd as people make the mistake of calling him. Go back & count... he was the 41st man to hold the office - even if people choose to count the non-consecutive terms of Grover Cleveland as being different Presidents.)

We know that Hilary is equally unscrupulous as her husband, so we shouldn't expect any better from her when she is confronted with a similar situation.
I only pray that she doesn't have the same successful result as her husband did when she makes her bid to become the next President.

Although... it might be interesting to have a cycle of Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton - Bush. (I predict that 2012 will be a time for Jeb Bush to run, and that he will either win in 2012 or in 2016)