Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A sad day in the history of Journalism

Why didn't Chris Matthews show the actual video footage of Senator John Kerry's recent remarks that insult the intelligence of U.S. Troops in Iraq?

Matthews showed Kerry's angry response to calls by Republicans for Kerry to apologize to the Troops, as well as Senator McCain - but when it came to showing the video of Kerry's original comment (which is very much available because MSNBC has shown it several times on other shows) Matthews chose to read Kerry's words.

This is a VERY dishonest way of Matthews (and by MSNBC???) to try and spin the offensive incident by Kerry in a way that makes Kerry to be misquoted by the Republicans & conservative commentators.

BUT, if the actual video had been shown, there would be no way that Matthews could pull off this inaccurate portrayal of Kerry's comment - because the video CLEARLY shows Kerry to have said exactly what Republicans say he should apologize for!!

I can't quote Kerry verbatum, BUT, the comment by Kerry clearly said that if you can't get a good education, then you'll get stuck in Iraq.

Kerry tried to excuse this comment by saying that he MUST have rushed his comment, because what he MEANT to do was include the word "us" between the words "get" and "stuck" so that the phrase states "get US stuck in Iraq" and not "get stuck in Iraq".

This is a shameless attempt to cover up what he said, by deflecting the actual topic of that comment from the Troops to that of the President & the current Administration.

Chris Matthews (and MSNBC as well???) has made himself an accomplice to Kerry's offense by the way he has mislead the viewers. Kerry's comments speak for themself, there was only one reason to READ his words rather than SHOW THE VIDEO of Kerry's comment - and that is to FALSELY report what actually was said.

This is just one more example in an ocean of examples how Matthews in specific, and MSNBC in general, have tried to sway public opinion (and by extension the way people vote on election day) by forwarding the liberal Democrat agenda.

BUT, this is going too far, because now Matthews (with the permission of MSNBC one must ask???) is engaging in deceptive behavior with the intended result of making people believe Kerry's lie that he didn't say what he actually said.

Kerry is lying about what he said, and who the subject of his comment was. Matthews is trying to make people believe this LIE by reporting something as fact, that can be proven as the lie it is.

Well, it WOULD have be proven as a lie, IF Matthews had shown the VIDEO of the event in question, rather than choose to READ an A.P. reporting of what Kerry says that he said.

It would be different if the video wasn't freely available so that Matthews could show what Kerry said in his own words. BUT, when Matthews chose to READ the words that some other source REPORTED that Kerry said... then it leaves room for an altering of the actual words, and it gives a FALSE report of the events, by putting a biased SPIN on the words Kerry said.

It is widely known that Matthews is biased to the liberal Democrat point of view. He freely admits to working for one of the most partisan Democrats to ever be Speaker of the House of Representatives. He has a biased opinion deep within him, and it is so obvious that even the blind can "see" that he is willing to forward the liberal Democrat agenda every chance he can.

So... again I ask:

Why didn't Chris Matthews show the VIDEO of the original event where John Kerry made comments that people say are offensive to the Troops? Why did he choose to READ what the A.P. reported as being Kerry's words? Why wasn't the viewers of Hardball allowed to see the ACTUAL EVENT on video that is freely available on MSNBC - so that the people could make their own decision as to what Kerry said & who was the subject of his comment?

Why was Matthews allowed to spin this incident in a way that agrees with Kerry's false interpretation the comment that is the subject for Matthew's report? Why didn't someone at MSNBC step in and prevent Matthews from lying to the viewers when he chose to become a fellow conspirator in the lie about what Kerry actually said - and what Kerry wants us to BELIEVE he said?

Why does nobody else but me seem to care that MSNBC has become the liberal Democrat version of FOX News? Why is nobody else saying that this is an offensive example of biased journalism & selective reporting by Chris matthews. (and MSNBC for allowing him to get away with lying to the viewers while covering up for a liar like John Kerry)

The video speaks for itself.

Had Chris Matthews done the PROFESSIONAL, RESPONSIBLE, & OBJECTIVE thing when reporting this event - he wouldn't have shown VIDEO for what Kerry's RESPONSE to the incident was, while NOT SHOWING the video freely available to him of the actual event in question.

It was the wrong thing to do for Matthews to show (and MSNBC to permit) video for one action, while not showing video for the other action. Either show BOTH video clips, or DO NOT show any video clips when reporting the incident.

To go about reporting the incident the way Matthews did only demeans the proud institution of Journalism.

And for Matthews to read the transcript a SECOND time and then offer his OPINION about what he feels Kerry's words "clearly say" is an offense equal to what Dan rather did that cost him his position as anchor on CBS news!!

If this wasn't enough, Matthews followed up his biased commentary by saying that he would like to put the President on a "lie detector" so that we could see that he is lying!!!



Why deceive the viewers by reporting an biased viewpoint that is more an EDITORIAL than an objective reporting of the FACTS???