Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When will someone speak up against the atrocity?

Who were those two guys on Tucker's show tonight? (Wed April 4, 2007)
I haven't heard such BLATANT biased commentary on a "so-called" news network, ever!
Even by the usual radically-left leanings of MSNBC this was incredible! From all of the vemon these two commentators spewed at the President I wouldn't be surprised if Keith Olbermann gave them their talking points.
Those two were VERY unprofessional, obnoxious, and flat out rude as they cut off Tucker or talked over him as he spoke (as Tucker always does) with common-sense, neutral observations of what is factually going on with the situations being debated.
Joe is mild for being the LONE conservative voice among the crashing thunder that is MSNBC's liberal propaganda rants. He's reasonable, unlike his counterpart on the other blatantly biased "news" network. (of course, I refer to Alan Colmes on Fox NEWS Network)
Tucker is a true Independant who will actually report truthful accounts of who is to blame for whatever is being called "news" at MSNBC these days. He doesn't spin things to benefit the Dems or to slam the Republicans - like everyone else there (but Joe, of course) does & tries to claim they aren't as bad as those evil Fox conservatives.
Even those angry liberal blowhards - Bill Mahar & Al Franken don't get as bad as those two guys did on Tucker's show! I don't think that those a-holes Robert Novak & Rush Limbaugh have ever gone on air and spoke as rudely & stupidly as those two did tonight!!
Their information (they called them "facts" & the "truth") had the absolute inaccuracy of Rosie O'Donnell's recent comment that "fire has NEVER melted steel EVER in the history of time". (had Rosie taken 5 minutes to "Google" the topic she would have seen how steel gets melted by fire & heat all the time to form the metal into whatever it is needed to build things... But she - like the MSNBC propagandists - chose to make an obviously false statement rather than admit her point of belief is wrong!!)
A wise man once said "It's better to keep your mouth shut, and be thought a fool... than to open it up, and remove all doubt." Sadly, the MSNBC drones working for the liberal left puppet-masters don't follow this wise advice.
When is Dan Abrams going to admit that the ship he's running at MSNBC isn't objective, neutral, unbiased, or even remotely what could be called "news reporting"? Why doesn't his boss, Phil Griffin, force him to admit the truth?
The answer is simple.
It's popular to bash the Republicans & the Administration. The country was duped into believing the MSNBC propaganda... and the fraud that MSNBC perpetrated upon America was the reason the election went the way it did - and it's why MSNBC has made our country weaker by breading cowards who mindlessly believe the liberal agenda that MSNBC is willingly pushing down America's throats.
MSNBC parades liberal commentator after liberal commentator to repeat their lies & propaganda - because when they spend hour after hour repeating the lie... the people too stupid or too lazy to think for themselves eventually believe the lie to be the truth.
The Democrat Party depends on Americans being too dumb or gullible to realize that Soylent Green is PEOPLE - because without the sheep willing to follow blindly they can't keep their positions of power in D.C.
That's why the Dems are for programs like Social Security, Welfare, Affirmative Action, raising Minimum Wage, quotas, etc...
These are the tools the Dems use to keep many people too poor to survive without them in power. They use scare tactics to get their votes, while raping the very soul of the people they claim to represent.
The country didn't loudly vote against the War - as the Dems & MSNBC want us to believe.
If that's so... then why did Joe Lieberman (the most pro-war Dem around) get re-elected as an Independant?
Recently Keith Olbermann tried to force Bill Mahar to agree with his assertation that the Bush Administration was responsible for the death of Pat Tillman.
Bill Mahar (a man who is so radically liberal that he called the 9/11 terrorists "brave" and the Administration "cowards") couldn't hold his nose to swallow that crap!
Bill Mahar repeatedly told Keith that you couldn't make that leap... no matter how many times Keith kept trying to find a new way to say it & get Bill Mahar tricked into agreeing with him.
Keith ended his segment with Mahar by praising him & his HBO show...
And didn't even take a breath as he moved on to the next story - an interview with Pat Tillman's mother - an interview where Keith held tight to his ridiculous claim of minutes ago (the very same thoery that the much praised Bill Mahar had completely ripped apart) even in the face of reason - reason coming from the wacko Mahar.
It's the same behavior that caused Olbermann to deny that his "buddy" Bill Clinton was to blame for any aspect of 9/11, Al-Qaeda, & Osama... even those the facts are obvious & stated as such by no less than the 9/11 Commission!!!
But Keith knows better than them!!! He has the blind faith in his inquisition as those of the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials did before him.
It's time for MSNBC, Dan Abrams, & all those who would actually wish to be journalists to speak out against the liberal bias plainly in view.
If this isn't stopped from happening in the future it's as culpable as those "moderate" Islamic believers who remain silent as the radical terrorists commit atrocities... or as bad as the silent Germans who let Hitler rise to power rather than admit the truth - even if it means having to admit your side is wrong.
MSNBC's liberal bias weakens our country. Someone needs to speak up & say that increased ratings isn't worth making our country too blind to see the danger that is being created by such behavior & irresponsible "reporting" of propaganda as fact. This is far worse than what the Bush Administration has done by waging war in Iraq & creating terrorists who might later attack our shores.
MSNBC & liberals want us to believe that Republicans are "wolves in sheep's clothing" (and that may even be true) - as if that's the worst thing that could happen.
A wolf in sheep's clothing isn't what we need to be afraid of... because there's something worse than that.
MSNBC & liberals (Democrats) are the thing that is worse.
What is that, you ask? I'll tell you.
The reason you need not be afraid of a wolf in sheep's clothing (Republicans) is because the disguise is always so obvious that the sheep can tell the wolf trying to fool the sheep into believing the wolf is really a sheep.
What needs to be feared is the wolf that presents himself as a FRIENDLY wolf. Nothing to fear, he says, I'm friendly... I'm on your side.
And when the sheep drop their guard... the "friendly" wolf (Dems & MSNBC) devours the sheep who fell for the scam.
Dan Abrams, MSNBC, & especially Keith Olbermann & Chris Matthews should be ashamed of themselves for betraying the trust of the people they claim to be looking out for!!!
I wonder how they can sleep at night, or live with themselves knowing they are the friendly wolf about to devour the fooled sheep!!!
When will it end? Hopefully it will happen before it's too late - MSNBC & the liberals (Democrats) will have the blood on their hands when the eventual result of their ratings hungry propaganda agenda attack against America becomes the next 9/11!!!

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