Thursday, March 22, 2007

Playing Politics

Democrats are being hypocritical, as usual, by playing politics in the most recent of their never-ending "scandals" they claim the Bush Administration has being perpetrating.

I'm not sure I believe that all 8 of the Federal prosecutors were fired for "just cause" due to performance... but for Democrats (and their liberally biased bretheren, the media) to portray the "Bushies" as being the only ones to have fired prosecutors for "political" reasons.

First off, let's define politics so that we may understand what is, and isn't "political".

pol·i·tics [ póll i tiks ] noun
Definition: activities associated with government: the theory and practice of government, especially the activities associated with governing, with obtaining legislative or executive power, or with forming and running organizations connected with government.

So, by the very definition... ANY reason for firing the prosecutors would qualify as "political".

Now that we have that out of the way...

Some idiots (ie: Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, & the Carpetbagger Report - just to name a few) Want to either "spin" or flat out dent the FACT that Impeached President Bill Clinton did a very similar move when he was in the Oval Office. Slick Willy disguised his move by firing all 93 of the Federal Prosecutors to cover up the fact that he was replacing a Republican with one of his cronies in the very important jurisdiction of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Why was the an "important" jurisdiction & the move so improper?

It's because there was the little matter of the Whitewater scandal that was being investigated by this jurisdiction. By replacing the prosecutor with someone who was not only friendly to Clinton - but his friend - it guaranteed that no charges would ever be put against Bill or Hillary Clinton for their wrongdoing in the Whitewater fraud scam.

That was FAR WORSE than any of the firings that have recently happened!

The Impeached President put a cronie in the exact position that would keep him & his wife from being held accountable for their crimes.

While firing the prosecutor who successfully prosecuted "Duke" Cunningham smells of retribution for doing her job... it isn't as bad as abusing the Office of the President to assure that you don't get held accountable for commiting crimes.

One of the firings seems to be justifiable, from what I have seen of the facts so far.

If a prosecutor is told about potential voter fraud being perpetrated by a candidate (regardless of political party) and that prosecutor chooses NOT to investigate the alleged crimes as soon as he learns of the potential criminal behavior... that prosecutor is willfully avoiding performing the duties he was hired to do - and he should be fired immediately. It's not proper to wait until after the election to investigate (let alone decide whether to prosecute) and anyone who fails to do their duty of the office they hold deserves to be removed from that position.

Democrats are posturing by handing down subpoenas to certain White House staff members. They know that NOTHING criminal happened in the firing of these 8 prosecutors. What these Democrats hope to achieve by getting people under oath & on the record is to "Scooter Libby" Karl Rove. They hope to get him in a position where he is caught lying under oath so that he can be prosecuted for perjury. If they can get this to happen, then it can be a way to finally get Karl Rove removed from his position of influence & power within the Bush Administratation.

Democrats fear Karl Rove because he is far more intelligent than anyone they have on their side. Karl Rove gets results & they want to negate this advantage the Republicans have over them.

That's it, plain & simple.

The bottom line is that the Democrats want Karl Rove gone so that they can have an advantage in the next election cycle.

And THAT is playing politics... but the hypocritical Democrats won't ever admit the ulterior motive behind this cowardly move of the subpoena.