Thursday, July 12, 2007

About Michael Moore and his cowardly kind...

It's easy for Michael Moore to talk about health care - especially when you consider that he isn't one of the people who has to worry about not having one of his health concerns taken care of.

Moore was on the TV Guide Network for an interview, and he bragged how he has THREE health care plans from being in the film industry.

Why is it people who aren't effected by a situation the ones who try to force others to do what they feel is right for them?

Michael Moore has a total disconnect from reality in regards to this situation because he will never be faced with any of the problems he claims exist in the health care industry.

It's nice to see that he cares about the problems others face, but it's obvious that Moore isn't concerned with solving the problem or helping others not as fortunate as he is.

The bottom line is that Moore is all about making money while attacking Republicans.

He is just one of the many on the liberal left who wish to hijack our political process while promoting the agenda favored by his party of choice.

Moore is a hypocrite, just like when he made a comment in one of his books about the American Dream.

Michael Moore told his readers that they will never become rich, as we are lead to believe anyone can as long as they work hard & do the best they can. Moore says that it's a waste of time for people to believe that they could win the lottery (or any other way of becoming rich) because it is never going to happen for them.

This coming from a man who went from rags to riches because he followed his dream of making documentaries. He became rich against the odds... yet he seems to not want anyone else to experience the finer things he has.

Moore is just like the people at, Cindy Sheehan, or Keith Olbermann - who want their beliefs to be the way things get done, no matter how much in the minority those beliefs may be.

It's like Chris Matthews when he proclaims his view of how "Democracy" works.

Matthews is heard saying that Democracy is when you get someone with ideas & passion arguing with another person of ideas & passion to debate - then having the people listening to the debate decide who is "right".

The only problem with this is that Matthews is pushing a system where a vocal minority can win out over a majority that is less vocal. This is why biased news networks like MSNBC (and FOX News on the other side of the political spectrum) are so dangerous - because they get people to accept as fact something that is not an unbiased telling of the facts.

It's propaganda rather than truth, and when people are fooled into accepting someone's agenda as fact - then democracy is no longer democracy, it's closer to dictatorship.

Michael Moore tells only the details that support his objective, and leaves out that which might prove his theories to be wrong. That is something that is as wrong as when a con artist lies to his victims so that he can scam them to his benefit.

Usually a con artist seeks money from his victims, but these con artists like Moore, Matthews, Sheehan, Olbermann, etc want to con people into voting the way that benefits their chosen political party. (well, Moore also gets monetary profit when people pay to see his propaganda filled "documentaries" that also forward his political agenda)

This is how the American Public were tricked into giving power over to Democrats, when it wouldn't have happened if the people weren't fooled by lies forwarded by these con artists. We have seen that these Democrats have not shown themselves to be deserving of the power that they gained by trickery. Hopefully the public will correct this error when the next elections happen.

The American People will not be served well as long as people like Olbermann, Sheehan, Moore, Matthews, Air America,, Bill Maher, Al Franken, etc are allowed to lie to us and dress it up as fact.

We deserve better, and those guilty of this treachery should be punished.