Monday, July 09, 2007

What did we have the election for?

Liberals & Democrats tell us that the American Public spoke out loudly & clearly during the last elections.

If that's true (which I don't accept - it was a load of **** that they want us to believe & their buddies at MSNBC say it often enough that the mindless masses believe the lie) then why aren't Democrats doing what they supposedly were elected to do?

Why are they not passing laws that take care of our border security? Why haven't they done anything about illegal immigration? Why haven't they got us out of that senseless war in Iraq? Where's the many things the Democrats promised to have done by now?

Didn't the American People elect Democrats (and not re-elect Republicans) because they wanted results? Why hasn't people like Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid made good on the things they said to convince us to put them in power?

Why, instead, has this Democrat run fiasco chose to do NOTHING positive? Why do we hear excuses about how they can't get anything done? They are the majority, right? Can't they do anything even when they are in charge?

Why is the only thing Democrats seem capable of doing is launching investigation after investigation that only shows how stupid they really are?

Why must they keep trying to question what the U.S. Constitution says is within the powers of the Executive Branch?

Why do the Democrats insist on trying to hijack our political process with partisan tactics?

How many more non-binding resolutions must we be forced to accept (ones that can't even get passed, or even get to a vote most of the time even!) before these people who scammed their way into power actually do the job they were elected to do?

How much longer must the American People who wanted change & action by their elected officials endure such impotent & ineffective behavior from Democrats that have shown themselves to be no better than the Republicans they replaced in power?

Is it any wonder that even MSNBC can't spin the fact of how this Democrat Congress has an EVEN LOWER approval rating than that of the President & Vice President??? (I didn't think that they could manage to pull that one off, but they did)

I say enough of the investigations! I say that laws need to be passed (damn the threat of veto) that will accomplish the things we elected you to do!!

Bring our troops home!

Secure our borders!

Deal with illegal immigration! (doing nothing is not acceptable any more than amnesty is)

Raise our wages, not your own!

Take care of our veterans!

Give us affordable health care/prescriptions!

Lower our tax burden!

Stop intruding into our private lives!

Hold this Administration accountable for its excesses of power!

Stop diving this country between liberal/conservative, red state/blue state, Democrat/Republican!

Hold your party to the same standard you do the opposite party & stop the hypocrisy!

Do something ANYTHING, just stop this current spiral of destruction! (hell, impeach someone... at least that's doing something that will have a positive result - unlike these investigations & crybaby tantrums!)

I love my country... but I'm ashamed of the people who make up the government.