Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Susan H. McDougal award

If Chris Matthews wants someone to name the "award" he feels should be given to Lewis "Scooter" Libby, he shouldn't call it the "G. Gordon Liddy" award... he should call it the "Susan H. McDougal" award.
Susan McDougal (born 1955 in Heidelberg, Germany) is one of the few people who served prison time as a result of the Whitewater controversy in the United States, though fifteen individuals were convicted of federal charges. She was born Susan Carol Henley, the daughter of James B. Henley and Laurette (Mathieu) Henley.
Susan McDougal was married in 1976 to James B. McDougal, also of Little Rock, Arkansas. The McDougals were partners with Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton in the failed Whitewater real estate venture in the 1980s, and were convicted along with then-Gov. Jim Guy Tucker (D) in obtaining millions in illegal loans, including a $300,000 federally backed loan for Susan McDougal, through a small business investment firm owned by David Hale.

She was convicted on May 28, 1996, and spent time in prison for four counts of fraud and conspiracy relating to the Whitewater scandal. She was later charged with (and acquitted of) embezzlement against noted conductor Zubin Mehta.[1]
She also spent 18 months in prison including 7 weeks in solitary confinement for civil contempt of court. U.S. District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright sentenced her after McDougal refused to answer three questions from Whitewater prosecutors before the grand jury empaneled by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr to investigate the Whitewater deals. These questions included whether President Bill Clinton lied in his testimony during her Whitewater trial, particularly when he denied any knowledge of an illegal $300,000 loan. During that trial, the government's star witness, Arkansas banker and former municipal judge David Hale, claimed that then-Governor Bill Clinton had discussed an illegal $300,000 loan with himself and McDougal.

McDougal received a full Presidential pardon from outgoing President Bill Clinton in the final hours of his presidency in 2001.

This is a more accurate event that was described as "Cronyism" or as "cowardly" in timing is this FULL PARDON (not a mere commutation of sentence) of McDougal!

If ever there was a reward of pardon for keeping quiet about things that could seriously harm the President who pardoned the convicted criminal... it is Clinton's pardon of McDougal.

Why doesn't MSNBC seem outraged by the way that Bill Clinton cowardly waited until the final moments of his Presidency to give a full pardon to a person who could have surely caused him to be not only indicted, but convicted of his guilty actions of the Whitewater criminal case.

If liberals & Democrats feel that the President is "buying Libby's silence" with this commutation (and dangling carrot of a possible pardon in the future) - then they MUST also admit that Bill Clinton MOST DEFINITELY bought the silence of McDougal by waiting until AFTER she was released from jail (and just before he no longer could pardon his long-time friend & business partner) before cowardly saving his own ass from rightfully being prosecuted successfully for crimes we all know he committed!!

But liberals & Democrats are the party of hypocrisy, and they totally condone criminal behavior in their own while always trying to absolutely crucify Republicans for the exact same behavior!!!

If you feel Libby deserved prison time... will you also admit that Clinton deserved equal punishment since he was convicted of the exact same crimes???

If you feel this commutation of sentence (not the McDougal full pardon) is anyway wrong, then what do you say about these pardons that Bill Clinton had no problem doing, and no liberal or Democrat said one word against them???

Roger Clinton, the half-brother to the then Governor for cocaine possession.

Former Democratic Senator Dan Rostenkowski for his part in the Congressional Post Office Scandal.

Former Director to the CIA (and Clinton apointee) John Deutch.

Clinton's HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros.

Impeached Judge (now current Democratic Congressman) Alcee Hastings, and the man who helped get him impeached, William Arthur Borders, Jr.

Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, who paid the President's brother-in-law, Tony Rodham, over $100,000 in his successful bid for their pardon. (money Rodham later was forced to return)

And let's not forget Clinton business partner, Susan McDougal - who was rewarded with a pardon for not doing duty her civic duty to fully & completely about the criminal activities of the President in that same case.

Is there one or two standards in play here???