Monday, July 09, 2007

What Democrats are up to...

If you're wondering why Democrats like Senator Schumer and Congressman Conyers are trying so hard to get members (past & present) of President Bush Staff/Administration to testify under oath is not to "get to the bottom of" whatever subject applies to the many investigations they have initiated - it is for petty spite!

The reason Democrats won't accept the Administration's offer to have these people testify without being under oath or with a record of testimony given is because this won't give Democrats any potential comment that can be used to "Scooter Libby" more members of this Administration.

The Democrats know that no laws were broken when certain U.S. Attorneys were fired. The people crying about foul play know that the President can fire those attorneys for any reason he sees fit (as long as it doesn't violate established Federal Laws) because they serve at his "pleasure".

There is nobody that can be punished for criminal behavior, UNLESS Democrats can succeed in getting someone to say something under oath that can be proven to be untrue.

All that the President needs to do is just say that it doesn't matter who might have been involved in any discussions leading up to those firings - because he has every right to fire them and Congress has no authority over the matter.

Democrats can cry that politics motivated the firings, and it doesn't matter at all. By very definition of the term "political" everything that goes on in Washington D.C. is politically motivated.

But the fact that politics most likely had everything to do with the firings doesn't effect the President's ability to fire those he appoints at his desire.

All of these investigations and crybaby pundit editorials trying to punish someone for what the President had every legal right to do is just the pathetic desperate attempt of impotent Democrats who just want to look like they aren't still the "Republican's Bitches" even when they are in power of Congress.

The same thing applies to the outrage being seen regarding the "Scooter" Libby commutation of sentence.

The President has full authority to commute the sentence (or fully pardon) anyone he chooses. Congress has no basis in law to attempt to punish this Administration for something they disagree with.

Where was the same outrage when their impeached president, Bill Clinton, handed out over 90 pardons on his FINAL DAY IN OFFICE??? I have listed in detail in previous blog entries the reasons that prove that Clinton acted far beyond anything the Democrats accuse President Bush of doing.

Oh, and to Chucky Schumer... if you want to accuse this Administration of having something to hide - he needs to remember how his impeached president Clinton perfectly fit this description in regards to the Whitewater investigation. (with the help of his buddy Vince Foster, before his "suicide")