Thursday, July 12, 2007


Keith Odormann over at MSDNC (their "true" name since they gladly forward the liberal left agenda of their DNC puppet masters) talks about gutlessness in regards to this current Administration. I find this funny, especially since that is exactly how Odormann (a more accurate name for Olbermann since his hot air editorials stink to high heaven) acts in his ongoing cowardly campaign of lying to the American People - as well as the behavior of his beloved impeached Bill Clinton's administration.

Tonight Olbermann once again laid blame on this Administration for Osama Bin Laden & Al-Qaeda, while failing to mention that this wouldn't be a problem if Bill Clinton would have done even a half-assed job at dealing with the many events that happened under his presidency.

For those of you like Olbermann with selective amnesia, here is a link to some MSNBC news articles that detail how Clinton totally bungled the Bin Laden situation.

But Olbermann would never admit that his beloved impeached president could possibly be even a tiny bit responsible for the current situation regarding Al-Qaeda & Osama Bin Laden.

He also will never admit that these events have anything to do with how 9/11 happened, or how the current state of security is effected by these total failures of Clinton's administration.

Somalia: 1993 - When Clinton decided to leave Somalia, Osama Bin Laden came to believe that the U.S. would not last in a battle that was drawn out over a long period of time and was very messy in casualties.

Waco, Tx: 1993 - President Clinton orders government agencies to go after a religious sect that is deemed to be dangerous. After a 51 day stand-off, it is believed (according to the Clinton Administration) that the Branch Davidians set the fires that caused the deaths of approximately 80 people and their leader, David Koresh.

World Trade Center Bombing #1: 1993 - Bombing that caused the death of 6 people and injuring over 1000. It took the Clinton Administration until 1997 or 1998 to "realize" (you'll see why I use this word rather than giving them credit for obtaining the knowledge of who perpretrated the bombing) that Osama Bin Laden's terrorist group Al Qaeda was behind the bombing.

Oklahoma City Bombing: 1995 - To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the disaster at Waco, Tx - former Desert Storm Army Gold Star winner turned anarchist/terrorist - detonated a bomb that killed 168 people and injured about 600 more. THANKFULLY for the Clinton Administration, McVeigh allowed himself to be caught (thinking he would be sen as a radical & revolutionary... but when he realized that a daycare was part of the building he bombed, he knew he would be seen as a monster - which is how history describes him) - or most likely his military training would have prevented the Clinton Administration from solving the crime.

Atlanta Olympics Bombing: 1996 - Eric Rudolph, homegrown terrorist/serial bomber, detonated a home-made bomb durring the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta... killing 2 people & injuring over 100 people. He managed to hide out in a forrested area until 2003 when one of the local residents finally decided to provide government officials with information that allowed them to capture Rudolph.

"Unabomber" bombing spree: 1993 - Ted Kaczynski, college professor turned terrorist/serial bomber went on a spree (starting in 1979 and lasting intermittedly until 1998) that killed 3 people and injured 23 more people - according to his plea agreement.

U.S. Foreign Embassy Bombings: 1998 - A precision-timed bombing of two US Embassies of separate East African countries kills 257 people and injures over 4000 people between the two locations. A local branch of Al Qaeda takes credit for the bombings. After some scrambling for information on the terrorist group, the Clinton Administration has the organization's leader, Osama Bin Laden, declared as "Public Enemy #1".

ABC Interview with Osama: 1998 - John Miller of ABC News interviews Osama Bin Laden in Southern Afghanistan. In the interview, Osama declares to the American public (and to the Clinton Administration who declared him "Public Enemy #1") that he is changing the fatwa he declared two years earlier. Previously he called for all Muslims to attack/kill any American military personnel that is part of the "occupying force of the Holy Lands" (a reference to US Troops being stationed in his homeland of Saudia Arabia as part of joint relations between the two countries) - but now he calls on all Muslims to rise up and attack/kill Americans (civilian and military) whereever they may be found. He has informed the Clinton Administration on National TV that he is declaring a Holy War that will include US soil, if given the chance... AGAIN. It is because of this interview (and NOT because of any hard work or investigation done by the Clinton Administration) that the world knows who was behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the twin bombs in the US Embassies in Eastern Africa. After this interview, it cannot be claimed that an attack from Al Qaeda is unexpected, even on US soil.

USS Cole Bombing: 2000 - Osama Bin Laden's terrorist group, Al Qaeda attack the USS Cole as it is in the Aden Harbor, Yemen. The number of Navy personnel that are either confirmed or presumed dead is 17, and 40 were injured. Eventually, 2 men were executed & another four were given prison sentences ranging from 5 to 10 years. The bombing of the USS Cole was preceded earlier that year by a failed attempt to bomb the USS The Sullivans.

But biased tools of the liberal left agenda don't want to talk about how they & their cowardly kind have made this country to be in the serious risk of an attack that currently exists - because that would mean they would have to speak truthfully, as well as admit that they put our country in danger because they refuse to let go of their political beliefs, no matter how wrong these beliefs are shown to be.

Olbermann is gutless in how he takes MSDNC's millions received no doubt from the pockets of the DNC,, and other special intrest groups of the liberal left.

Olbermann should be ashamed of himself for broadcasting opinion in place of fact, solely for the benefit of his liberal masters.

Someone needs to put this biased propaganda to an end so that these con artists can no longer scam the American People on the Public's airwaves.