Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anthony Barbieri (a.k.a. Jake Byrd) the guy who loves famous people

That guy who was mugging for the cameras when O.J.
Simpson's attorney was giving a press conference is
Anthony Barbieri doing a character he calls Jake Byrd
for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. "Jake Byrd" was seen
defending people like Michael Jackson & Paris Hilton
in recent trials for Kimmel.

This guy shouldn't be allowed to get away with being such an idiot in public, and Jimmy Kimmel
should get some flak also for putting this guy up to the stupid crap he does just so that
Kimmel can put it on the air for ratings.

But anyway... back to the story at hand.

Here is a link to a story about Anthony Barbieri at website:

If you don't want to check out the link, here is the
text of that article:

Ever heard of Jake Byrd? Maybe you recall his
appearance at the Michael Jackson trial or have seen
him at Paris Hilton's news conference? Would you like
to meet him sometime in your life? While Mr. Byrd
seems like a funny acquaintance to make, chances are
that you will never meet him. This is simply because
he doesn't exist. If you do meet him, shake his hand
for me, I'll be impressed!

Jake Byrd is the creation of Anthony Barbieri who is a
famous comedy writer who has written for famous shows
like Jimmy Kimmel Live and done voices for Crank
Yankers. On the Jimmy Kimmel Live show he makes fun of
his fictitious character with the sketch "Jake
Byrd...Celebrity Avenger!" He has made Court TV News
and The New York Times believe that he is an actual

He led The New York Times to believe that he is real
by appearing at Michael Jackson's trial in 2005 while
pretending to be a psycho fan of Michael. He even told
the news that the day of Michael's acquittal would be
a great one for those who sleep with little boys. I
find this extremely controversial and strikingly funny
at the same time.

He was also shown on television at Paris Hilton's news
conference wearing a hat that declared "Let her Live!"
I find this to be hilarious and genius! He has even
created a fictitious life for himself complete with a
false occupation. He claims to work in Chino,
California as a tropical fish store associate. To fool
television networks and newspapers takes guts and
skill and he obviously possesses both in copious
amounts. I suppose it takes a bit of craziness and
good humor, which I respect as well.

Anyone who will try and support the freeing of Paris
Hilton will more than likely get shot on site, but he
brazenly showed up to her news conference as Jake
Byrd. He showed he was on her side by wearing a hat
showing his support of the heiress. That will shut
those celebrity supporters up! Can't he be sued for
this? Is he exercising freedom of speech? Is he
insane? Anything involving Paris Hilton lately is
hysterical to me, so I believe that he is just
ingeniously funny.

I have never heard of anyone else pulling stunts such
as these, but I am sure that others will try and
follow in his footsteps, and likely be arrested! While
some may copy, I believe that no one will ever be able
be as believable as Anthony Barbieri. Like a Xerox
copy that fades and distorts each time it is
duplicated, likewise will be the fate of those
aspiring to be like Anthony...or Jake...whatever. Now
that the cat is out of the bag, I suppose we will not
see any more of Jake Byrd and his identity scams.
Alas, he shall be missed. I just love a guy with a
sick and twisted sense of humor.

Be sure to see "Jake Byrd" on Jimmy Kimmel's show
tonight. (b.t.w. why is his show called "Live" when
every night they display a disclaimer of either
"Previously recorded" or "Recorded earlier" to let
people know the show isn't ever live?)