Thursday, September 20, 2007

The hypocricy of the "Jena 6" incident

It is disgraceful that the Black Community is trying
to excuse CRIMINAL behavior!

The hanging of a noose, although repugnant, is not a
crime. One could argue it is protected under the 1st
Amendment as free speech, but it is not a crime.

To say that it is ok for 6 people to physically
assault a person of another ethnicity is WRONG both
morally and legally.

People like Mos Def, Ray Nagin, Jesse Jackson, & Al
Sharpton are excusing criminal behavior just because
of the color of the 6 men involved - and that is far
worse than any psychological effect seeing a noose
hung from a tree might have caused anyone.

Mos Def is demanding that the law be ignored so that
he can excuse the CRIME committed by people of his
ethnicity - when he should be calling for adherence to
the LAW, regardless of what his race is. Excusing an
assault of a human being just because of what has
happened in the past is a total miscarriage of the
"Dream" mentioned by Martin Luther King Jr.

This is not a "modern day civil rights" struggle... it
is a disgusting example of how special interests are
hijacking & violating the legal and political process
of our country.