Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jimmy Carter and "Glass Houses"

I'm not a total fan of this current Administration, but I have to speak up when a hypocrite opens his big mouth as Jimmy Carter has done. (once again!)

Jimmy Carter has some nerve talking about this Administration the way he does. All anyone has to do is examine his Administration to find many examples of blunders far surpassing what he feels this President & Vice President have done.

I commend Carter for his humanitarian efforts with Habitat for Humanity and what he has done through the Carter Center, but his legacy will be that of a man who tarnished the reputation of the Off ice of the President of the United States of America.

What Carter did to this Country is far worse than what is going on now. His failed policies caused so much harm that it resulted in the worst defeat by an incumbent President ever. His comments about Heads of State ranging from Clinton and George W. Bush to Tony Blair and even Israeli Prime Ministers demean the Office he once held as well as discredit his good points.

Tucker Carlson rightfully points out how hypocritical it was of Carter to blast Cheney for not serving in the military, considering how Carter pardoned the many draft dodgers who fled to Canada rather than serve in Viet Nam.

Chris Matthews was correct (am I really saying that?) when he stated that Carter should make a speech about what he feels are mistakes of the current foreign policy rather than make these tabloid-like comments in a hit-and-run fashion.

Lynne Cheney commented on how these public comments by Carter seem to come at a time when Carter has a new book for sale. That's improper for Carter to use his former position to get publicity from inappropriate comments so that he can sell more books.

Jimmy Carter has the right to express his opinions... but it's pathetic for him to use his former position & his reputation to forward the liberal agenda by spouting partisan rhetoric.

When Carter does things this way it only makes him look like a bitter old man who is still upset over losing his bid for re-election. The result is as someone described previously: Jimmy Carter is proving himself to be ever more increasingly irrelevant in today's world.

Carter's policies were terrible. The economy suffered double-digit inflation, there were very high interest rates, oil shortages, high unemployment and slow economic growth, with price inflation causing interest rates to rise to unprecedented levels.

Compare how bad the economy was under Carter with how well it's doing today. That's enough to discredit Carter's declaration of this Administration being "the worst" in history. But when you add in how Carter gave away the Panama Canal with other foreign policy disasters like what happened in Iran & Afghanistan and it's very clear that Carter is a pot trying to call the kettle black.

Jimmy Carter should have listened to the wise saying of "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" - if he had then he wouldn't come off looking so foolish.