Thursday, December 20, 2007

Denial, or Deception?

I can't tell if the many (almost beyond count) people working either directly or indirectly for the benefit of Hillary's campaign are in denial of their actions, or if they are just trying to deceive people into believing untrue statements/actions being perpetrated to help Hillary win the spot on the Democratic ticket.

People come out of the woodwork to defend the dirty tactics being used by people on the behalf of Hillary. Look at how many people have had to leave the campaign and how many donation dollars returned once people see the way Hillary is running her campaign.

It's laughable at how these people deny any conscious wrongdoing by anyone even remotely involved with Hillary's campaign, while going about doing the exact things they claim others are wrong for doing.

It's totally untrue that Hillary was forced by Obama into waging such a dirty campaign... just as it's totally false that Obama was the first to take the low road by allegedly attacking Hillary unfairly.

It's also a lie that Hillary is getting scrutinized more severely than other Democrats... to the contrary, she is getting special treatment from all of the liberally biased media outlets. (unless you call being endorsed by the Iowa newspaper as being unfairly scrutinized)

It's nowhere near true that Hillary is the best candidate able to change the status quo... mostly because she is the epitome of all that is & has been wrong with partisan politics in D.C.

If Hillary is so certain that Obama's health care plan is so terrible... why won't she at least admit that it is 100% better than the fatally flawed plan she tried to force upon us back when she was gaining all of her "experience" as First Lady? (Obama's 15 million not covered seems way better than her 30 million not covered from the old "Hillarycare", don't you agree?)

But beyond that, the media is not accurately and evenly portraying how Democrats do things the same as Republicans do.

Hillary is praised for airing an ad that has the same intention & methodology as the one that Giuliani is being ridiculed for airing. (same exact snarky & fake attitude behind a political ad disguised as a holiday message)

And the race in both parties is equally chaotic, with no clear front runner... yet only the Republicans get negative comments - while Democrats (three of whom are in a statistical dead heat after the clear front runner lost her almost 30 point lead) are praised as being better than Republicans.

What ever happened to objective and unbiased reporting instead of propaganda getting aired to forward the liberal agenda.

It's beyond time for this underhanded political tactics to be used... because it is the American People who will suffer.