Friday, December 14, 2007

words matter (and offensive behavior has consequences)

It wasn't that long ago that a certain Senator from Virginia lost his bid for re-election mostly because he was caught on video saying something inapropriate. (even though his opponent had been equally guilty of the same behavior, but minus the video evidence as proof)

George Allen's comment that was taken as a racial slur stuck with him even after several apologies...

So why shouldn't Hillary Clinton get judged by the same standard as Allen after a very senior members of her campaign staff committed an offensive act of equal severity - regardless of her face to face apology to the subject of the attack?

Whether she approved of what was said about Barak Obama beforehand (which I totally believe) or if she was totally clueless of what her senior staff was up to (or the even worse possibility or her being powerless to control her people - even if it's tactics enacted by her husband on her behalf) Hillary's campaign deserves to suffer the same fate that George Allen's did.

Unless Democrats have no moral standing and choose to take a totally hypocritical path if it means they win the '08 election. (which I believe will happen, going by a long history of such behavior by the Democrat Party... which they manage to get far too many voters to agree with them to the detriment of our Country)

Regardless of who said/did what - or who was behind such offensive tactics - Hillary Clinton is the one who should be responsible. It's her campaign, and she should have the integrity to run her campaign by that wise & worthy rule of "The Buck Stops Here!"

If she can't (or won't) take full responsibilty for anything that happens as a result of her campaign... then she has proven herself to be totally UN-Presidential - and absolutely unworthy of the Democratic nominee.

Hillary talks alot of how this Administration has damaged the American reputation in the eyes of the world... it's ironic that she is allowing her campaign to be an identical twin of what she is demonizing.

So much for her being the "agent of change", huh?

Show Hillary & her people that she is not what America needs right now... do NOT vote for her in any election she is in!!! Show Hillary that words mean things, and that actions have consequences when you cross the line of acceptable behavior as her people (and she) has on a daily basis.