Monday, January 28, 2008

Bill Clinton & potential voter tampering in Nevada?

I'm so glad to finally hear someone say what people have been thinking - but it's time for Joe to go even further!!
He was totally correct about Bill Clinton lying about voter tampering in Las Vegas... but what I would like to see is someone like Joe go on record as to what this tactic by Bill Clinton was all about.
The result of Bill Clinton (and the loyal Clinton campaign staffers and/or commentators on MSNBC) saying this about Obama's campaign (when at best it was Obama supporters) was to get people to vote for Hillary.
This is in effect voter tampering because it used lies & false accusations about Hillary's rival that resulted in potential votes for her that she probably wouldn't have received otherwise.
Will someone ask the Nevada organization involved with regulating this matter to look into Bill Clinton and any improper/illegal actions resulting from these public comments?