Friday, January 18, 2008

The danger of believing the Hillary Clinton "experience" myth

The Clinton campaign has been throwing around the term "fairy tale" frequently in reference to Senator Obama's qualifications for President.

It's typical of them to try to portray others with the exact negatives that plague Hillary Clinton, not her opponents.

Hillary's experience is the biggest myth that people are taking as fact, and it's a major part of why the Democrats are in serious trouble as more and more people are accepting the lies as truths with the goal of getting as many people to believe that Hillary is the most qualified candidate on the Democrat side of the fence.

Hillary has a history of failure, while also being in total denial of how inconsequential her time as First Lady in Arkansas & the White House really is. And then there is her record of either inept behavior in the Senate, or voting in line with the current President but criticizing him for actions he took with her permission.

Hillary failed the D.C. bar exam, and had to go to Arkansas for another try before finally passing the test - but never using that license in actual court litigation.

She wasted much time and money when she came up with a fatally flawed health care plan (called "universal" but had twice as many people uninsured as the one she now demonizes Obama for promoting) while being blind to the continued sexual indescretions her husband did under her nose.

She chose not to read classified intel documents at her disposal, even though they could have given her better insight on serious votes about the Iraq War that might have allowed her to not vote in step with this President she hates so much.

She never had a security clearance, never sat in on a security briefing, never had access to her husband's daily intel briefing memo, and chose not to be involved with several foreign policy incidents while she was First Lady... yet she claims to have more foreign policy experience than her rivals - even Gov. Richardson who was an integral part of several international crisis negotiations.

She has had many scandals from cattle futures, to shady campaign donations, to Whitewater, to selling pardons & renting out the Lincoln Bedroom... yet she claims to be capable of changing the status quo that the American Public hate so much.

It is Hillary & her people who are living a fairy tale... and hopefully enough Democrat voters can see through the lies being told to them in time to stop her from preventing a decent Democrat capable of winning in November like Obama from getting the nomination slot.

Let's hope enough of you can see the truth and not the lies the Clintons are telling you so that you can vote the right candidate for the job for the nomination... if you do that & put Obama where he belongs on the November ballots, I feel that you will be rewarded with a successful election and the country will benefit as well. The other side of that is that Hillary would at best cause you to lose the White House this time by losing, or she will do far worse damage to this country than 5 George W Bush's ever could!!