Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Clintons up to their old tricks again!! (or still)

Bill Clinton still can't tell the truth from a lie, let alone ever be able to tell something that isn't a lie... and Hillary is getting as bad as her husband.

It amazes me how these two always blame others for the very actions they themselves are doing, and how they actually seem to believe their own b.s.

Bill Clinton lost all credibility when he went on camera and lied about his unpresidential behavior with Monica Lewinsky, and he hasn't stopped his deceitful ways since then.

Clinton only had 2 years with a Democrat controlled Congress, so he can't take credit for the positive policies they accomplished. But even if he did do something other than the many debacles & scandals of his 8 years in office, it wasn't as good as he would have us believe. I guess Clinton forgot about the dot com bust that signified a bigger percentage loss for the stock markets than what we are going through now.

But here are the real accomplishments of the Clinton era:

Waco, Tx
Ruby Ridge
Elian Gonzalez
Atlanta Olympics Bombing
Oklahoma City Bombing
WTC bombing (1st event)
Hillary's fatally flawed "universal" healthcare (30 million uncovered)
Monica Lewinsky
Selling the Lincoln Bedroom to Chinese diplomats for DNC donations
Giving away our top secret nuclear technology to the Chinese
The twin embassy bombings in Africa
The USS Cole bombing
The African genocide wars
The Bosnia, Kosovo, etc ethnic cleansing
Allowing Bin Laden to form Al Qaeda & get strong
Numerous adulterous affairs after the 1992 "confession" & promise to quit
The numerous questionable pardons to fellow Democrats & drug kingpins
Pardons for family members & former business partners
Vince Foster's "suicide" in wake of Whitewatergate
Numerous campaign donations from improper donators
Conflict of interest after conflict of interest
Sanctions on Iraq killing over 500,000 Iraqis
Not keeping N. Korea or Iran in check
Allowing the Khmer Rouge to wipe out its own people
Choosing not to follow up on getting Bin Laden 3 times prior to 9/11
Getting impeached by the US House of Representatives
Getting disbarred for unrelated events
About 100 questionable pardons on his final day in office
Lying about what he did wrong & taking credit for things he didn't do
Distorting the accomplishments of the opposing party in total partisan fashion

And things haven't changed one bit since he left office... and too many people are once again believeing his & Hillary's lies. But hopefully enough of you will come to your senses to prevent another failed Clinton administration.