Friday, January 25, 2008

Is Tim Russert (and the entire NBC news division) working for the Democrats?

Tim Russert shouldn't get praise for the way he handled the debate last night. He asked questions that were blatantly partisan against the candidates, and even seemed to go as far as being in league with the Democrat Party.

Why should Mitt Romney have to give specifics for his strategy against Hillary (and let's not forget how Russert kept forcing Bill Clinton into the conversation) Clinton for a general election?

First off, Romney doesn't have the nomination yet. To ask him about something that may never happen on his part isn't a professional & Unbiased question, it was more like a badgering interrogation from a hostile enemy.

And even if Romney was the Republican nominee, why would he foolishly give away his strategy against the dirtiest tag-team American politics has ever known?

Was Russert acting on a direct request of the Democrats, or was it just natural for someone who is known as having a bias in favor of the Democrats? Was such underhanded plotting against the Republican candidates sanctioned by Russert's superiors, or was this just him being a rogue conspirator helping his Democrat buddies?

The question about the Iraq War was phrased in a very specific way that made it impossible for any candidate to successfully respond, unless they went beyond the strict boundaries given to them. And when they did (because none of the candidates were going to fall for Russert's cheap trick) answer honestly Russert basically tried to accuse them of avoiding the question, because he would try to force them into answering under his terms.

To ask anyone if the war effort was justified considering the losses suffered by our troops is exactly as asking the old political dirty trick of asking a candidate "when did you stop beating your wife?" - because Russert left the Republicans with two negative options without any way for a positive result.

Russert was trying to force the candidates to either say the war was wrong, which leaves them fatally flawed later on in the process leading up to the general election and open to a Democrat attack on the comment - or the candidate would come off as if they were oblivious to the sacrifice of those who have died in this war that obviously had many mismanaged moments to date.

Russert tried to block any attempts by a candidate wishing to say they supported the decision to go to war but regretting the way it had been mismanaged until recently when certain Administration staff had been replaced - while also deepkly regretting even a single loos of life to our troops.

Why did Tim Russert choose to disgrace himself and MSNBC by imitating the dirty political tricks of the Clintons with his loaded question?

I am amazed that Russert was allowed to get away with such an unprofessional tactic by MSNBC. It only proves how far the left is willing to go as they attempt to hijack the legitimate political process in favor of success. It's a sad day when winning matters more than integrity, and even worse when networks like MSNBC promote the liberal/democrat agenda. Just because they believe another network to be in league for the other political party doesn't mean it's ok to follow them by acting without morals and integrity that used to define the conduct of any branch of the journalistic field.