Monday, January 28, 2008

The Democrats won't win - no matter how much they cry!!

Regarding the issue of how & when the troops are going to be reduced, Democrats aren't going to get their say on the matter and that's the way it should be.

They aren't the ones who determine that, the President - The commander In Chief - is the one who will decide.

The main reason Democrats want a say is so that they can try to take credit for what this Administration has done. People (like the blind partisan cultists on here who go along with the democrat party line without question) have tried to pin the Iraq situation to Bush like an Albatross... even to the point of denying the progress and successes of the surge plan enacted by this Administration.

And now that Bush has made such major progress as a major reduction in troops by year's end - the Democrats want to try and take away the due credit by demanding a say in the plan.

That's not gonna happen with this impotent, do-nothing Democrat "controlled" Congress, even if they could do anything besides fall flat on their asses.

Congress deserves no credit for the progress, and no say in how that decrese will happen.

And people like that COWARD Virginia Senator Jim Webb, need to get it in their heads that the old ways of partisan democrat politics has been rejected by the people of America (as seen by today's huge support of Senator Obama) - and those like Webb, Clinton, Reid, etc need to get in line with how things will be.

Democrats aren't going to win the White House in November... hell, they better pray they can keep ONE of their prescious Houses of Congress - so those who manage to survive the purging of the Clinton-esque partisans who are the problem with D.C. and the state of things in America today better be willing to work with whichever Republican who gets inducted into the White House next year.

The BEST the Democrats can hope for is that enough of them follow Teddy Kennedy's lead today by supporting Barack Obama as the face of the party for the years to come. It's about time that party exhibits the type of integrity, unity, and unselfish behavior that Obama seems to display in all that he does. I wish them the best, but I won't expect much from them. There's far too many of the Clinton types fighting for power that it will be hard for the "good" Democrats like Obama to win out.