Monday, January 28, 2008

The Bill/Hillary dirty tactic conspiracy

I find it odd how Joe bounces between how he feels the Clinton campaign will do/say anything to win and one that isn't so quick to criticize any given tactic.

Awhile back Hillary was on National TV saying how she will be the Democrat nominee, and when asked what would she do if she weren't, she express that she would be, so any other thought is not necessary.

That interview showed how Hillary will not accept defeat, and I totally believe that everything that has happened so far has had her stamp of approval on it.

We all know how control-oriented she is, and how much of the problems with Bill's Presidency came from her taking control over issues she had no business being involved with... so why should things change now?

Do you really think that Hillary would let Bill screw up her chance? Sure she will let him do the dirty work for her so that she can try to claim to be above that mess, but I have no doubts that she is endorsing the Bill tactics/comments - if not the one suggesting he do them.

There's no doubt that Hillary (and her staff/surrogates/supporters) will do/say anything so that they can have her win the Democrat nominee... and it's a shame that not enough Democrats & voters can see how bad this is for our country - hopefully enough of you will in time to stop her & to put someone with integrity like Obama in that spot, someone with a decent chance to win in November.