Friday, February 15, 2008

The "Myths" of Hillary's campaign

The Clinton machine is trying to hijack the election process by telling many "myths" not supported by the facts. Some favor Hillary (and whatever the "message" she is trying to forward that day) and others misrepresent Barack Obama's positions. Either way, it's proof positive that Hillary is not very Presidential, and undeserving of the Democratic nominee, let alone the job of President of the United States.

The biggest "myth" (I won't go so far as to call it the lie it really is) is that her proposed health care plan provides coverage for every American.

Her plan instead MANDATES that everyone get health care coverage, regardless of their ability to accomplish that goal. As Obama correctly points out, if people don't get coverage willingly (most likely due to an inability to pay for it) Hillary's plan FORCES them to purchase coverage, even if that means going after the person's wages.

This amounts to an UNFUNDED MANDATE and not a plan providing "universal" coverage for all Americans. And that is what used to be called "taxation without representation" in the old days... something our beloved Constitution says can't happen.

So, Hillary's plan is no better than the huge failure she tried years ago, and actually is far inferior to Obama's plan.

Another "myth" is about her vast experience.

If you go back the full 35 years, as Hillary wants us to, her "accomplishments" amount to this:

Failing to pass the bar exam until her 2nd try.

Not being able to notice the many affairs her husband engaged in and being gullable enough to believe his false claims to quit - over & over.

Zero courtroom litigation time, while becoming partner in the highly connected law firm as she engaged in several conflicts of interest helping Arkansas companies win big while her husband was Governor of that same state.

Numerous campaign funding scandals from questionable donors.

Wasting time/money while failing to come up with a viable health care plan that her own party helped defeat.

The many questionable pardons her husband gave while in Arkansas & D.C.

Not reading intel reports at her disposal as member of the Senate Armed Forces committee before voting in step with George W Bush as he marched us into Iraq.

Having no security clearance while being First Lady, while claiming to be a big part of the foreign policy of her Husband's Presidency.

Not attending any security meetings/cabinet meetings during that same time period, and even avoiding speaking to her husband during some key foreign policy crisis events.

Not having access to her husband's daily security briefs when claiming to effect foreign policy.

The prosperity of the 90's had nothing to do with her & her husband because Bill is taking credit for the gains of the final year of Bush 1's policies, and 2 years later Congress went under Republican control... meaning THEY (not he and/or Hillary) caused what happened to happen. Congress made the policies... Bill just signed them because he had to.

The legacy of Bill's 8 years is his failure to recognize the threat of Al-Qaeda & Osama Bin Laden... and his many failures to bring those terrorists to justice after several attacks on U.S. soil & other related interests.

Failing to be able to control her campaign staff/advisors/husband while running this campaign. (how can she run the country if she can't run her campaign?)

These "myths" of her experience and quality of her policy plans need to be exposed.

The other thing needing to be exposed as wrong is how she is allowing the double standard go on about wanting to "follow the rules" about how the Super Delegates should vote because to do so will benefit her - while trying to "break the rules" (rules she agreed to when the time came up) about trying to force the stripped delegates from Fla & Mi because they favor her ultimate goal.

Her campaign is the dirtiest ever, even worse than anything Nixon ever did or what people claim this Bush administration has done.

It's like the ridiculous "right wing conspiracy" Hillary claims has been after her & her husband for years (that doesn't exist, and never did) while all the crying of unfair treatment they claim the media gives to her.

It's all b.s. & people need to stop allowing her to get away with it.

If we allow Hillary to hijack the political process and let her get away with stealing the nomination from Obama... we will be to blame for the tragic results of letting her force her version of "change" upon us.

The end result of a Hillary Presidency after 4 years will be a HUGE Republican victory in 2010 & 2012 - mark my words!!!