Friday, June 06, 2008

Why Ed Rendell knows he's not right for Obama's V.P.

Ed Rendell knows that he won't be Obama's choice for V.P. because he would never pass the vetting process very well. Rendell knows that his type of politics works for him as Pennsylvania Governor, but he is far to dirty of a politician to be acceptable for Obama's campaign of change. Rendell is exactly the kind of corrupt politician that has made D.C. as broken as it is today, and Obama would make a big mistake by asking Rendell to be on the ticket with him.

Rendell has a history of having an unhealthy relationship with a certain consulting firm - it's so close that you can hardly tell where his staff ends and the firm's employees begin. Many former employees of the firm now work for Rendell on his staff... and former Rendell staff members now work for the consulting firm.

This consulting firm gets so many government contracts that a local Pa newspaper reported that a huge portion of the yearly budget goes to this company... think of it as being Pennsylvania's version of how Halliburton is connected to Bush's Administration - with the same amount (if not more) of improper activity connected to how this firm gets so much work from the Commonwealth.

Rendell has been linked to many conflicts of interest while he has been our Governor, such as his connection to slot-machine revenue & rumored kickbacks... or how he & his henchman T.J. Rooney railroaded a property tax measure in law that is also connected to slot-machine revenues.

It wouldn't take much for Republicans to sink Rendell's ship should Obama choose him as V.P. - Rendell would be a weight that pulls Obama & the Dems under in November... and it would be an easy win for McCain because of Rendell's way of doing business here in Pa. It's a crooked system that works for him as Governor, but he can't get enough of the right people in his pocket for it to help Obama.

If you are curious, look up Pa Special Session House Bill 39 and research how it began as a bill that let school districts decide if they wanted property taxes linked to slot-machine revenues... and how Rendell's people didn't accept defeat when more than enough districts voted against the bill by coming back with the same crappy bill, without the option for school districts being able to decide what they can do by making it mandatory - and then look to see how Rendell, Rooney and other fat-cats like them get something for passing this into law & you'll see how Obama can't consider Rendell any more than he can the fatally corrupt & inept Hillary Clinton.

Obama needs to choose someone better than Clintons, Rendell, etc because the American People deserve better!!!

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