Friday, June 13, 2008

A sudden & tragic loss that will take a very long time to get over...

I can't believe that I am actually watching Tom Brokaw report on MSNBC that Tim Russert has passed away today!!!

I have many issues with the way the network has been taken over by people overly biased in favor of the liberal Democrat agenda... but Russert was a one man army holding the line of journalistic integrity...

You will be missed Tim - and the NBC/Universal media outlets will suffer the loss of its one true journalist.

Without Russert to keep hacks like Olbermann, Matthews, Shuster, & Abrams from completely destroying the reputation of NBC News it will be a very sad time over there.

It's gut-check time for Steve Capus... will he stand by his claim to integrity as when he fired Imus from MSNBC... or will he let the biased thugs continue to remove any trace of neutral (let alone conservative) reporting from the MSNBC airwaves - as seen by the way Olbermann was allowed to get Tucker booted from his show.

Goodbye Tim... God Bless!!

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