Friday, June 06, 2008

MSNBC & their usual "selective bias" in reporting the "facts"

Today Contessa Brewer had someone on commentating about strategy for the November election that made an interesting comment that caught my attention.

I wasn't watching the tv at the moment, I was facing my laptop when the commentator made his comment... but since I am only about 5 feet from my tv I heard him clearly. I wish I had been paying closer attention to the tv because I would really like to know who he was & what his affiliations are - so that I can possibly put his commentary into perspective and explain to myself why someone would do what he did.

Usually commentators are introduced as to being a republican strategist, democrat strategist, or affiliated with a particular party or candidate... but I have no clue who this guy was (I think his name was "Frank" something or other, but I'm not sure) offering his opinions to Contessa - so I won't say for certain what I think his affiliation is... but based on what he said I can sure guess, and I'll bet I am right.

Anyway... on to what got me posting here today.

When discussing how both Senators Obama & McCain will be trying to get votes in states not usually expected to go for their party this man expressed that he doesn't see either candidate being able to pull off a "50 state" campaign - and then gave his reasons why neither Obama nor McCain will change the way certain states vote, regardless of what they do before election day.

I don't have exact quotes from him for his examples, but it was the usual stuff pundits always say - like how New York & California will go Democrat no matter what, and how places like Utah, Texas, etc will go Republican... but that isn't my point.

I did hear how this commentator described the 1984 election, and how he selectively forgot how many states Ronald Reagan actually won that year.

He said something about Reagan "winning many of the states", but not all of them - and used this to prove that even in that lopsided win a candidate couldn't pull off an actual "50 state" campain strategy successfully.

Problem is that Reagan didn't just get "most" of the states that election... he won 49 of them, while Mondale ONLY managed to win ONE state (Minnesota, his home state) and D.C. Reagan won 525 electoral votes to Mondale's 13.

That's effectively pulling off the 50 state strategy because Mondale only won Minnesota by 3800 votes.

But before Reagan successfully pulled off a campaign strategy that Contessa's guest said can't be done it was successfully done my Nixon when he defeated McGovern by winning 49 states to McGovern's 1 (a close Massachusetts & D.C.) in his 520 - 17 electorial vote tally. (1 went to another candidate besides Nixon or McGovern)

My point is that I believe that Obama could pull off victories in states people think he can't win, and that he'll retain states that people like Hillary claim he can't win since he didn't get them in the primary votes.

I also feel that votes can be lost to McCain if Obama picks someone divisive or from the "old-school" of politics (Like Hillary or Ed Rendell) that he campaigned against in his message of "change we can believe in".

I just don't like how Contessa's guest selectively recalled elections of the past (probably out of political bias) in a way that proves the point he is making, even though the actual facts of the event he used as proof doesn't support his conclusion - because this is misleading to the viewers, if not outright false statements to forward an agenda.

What that guest did is just like how Hillary routinely misrepresented things to forward her agenda as she got away with tricking people to vote for her. (like how she got votes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, & West Virginia based on how she "fights for working people to keep their jobs while the truth is that she helped her husband force NAFTA upon us and that caused many thousands, if not millions, to be unemployed & struggling to get by on next to nothing... this also applies to her health care plan when those newly unemployed lost their coverage)

It's time for people to be held to a higher standard, the truth should not be allowed to be subjective. Hillary & her kind have the right to their opinions, but not their own set of facts. People like Obama are here to hold them accountable to the truth of their crooked politics that got us all in the mess we are in today as a country.

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