Friday, June 06, 2008

The perfect job for Hillary Clinton that benefits Americans perfectly

People need to forget about the "dream" ticket (more like a nightmare ticket for the Dems & an easy win for McCain) - Hillary could better serve the people who she faught so hard to win the nomination for by becomming the next Senate Majority Leader!!

Let's face it, Dems will increase their majority in both houses of Congress this November, and this means that Hillary as Senate Majority Leader would hold alot of power in setting the agenda on several important areas.

She would be in control of if/when/how potential Federal appointees & Judicial nominees get approved, not to mention having control over what legislation gets to be voted on/not voted on that will allow her to set the agenda of what new bills possibly get signed into law.

It wasn't her husband, but the Congress (controlled by Repubs) that made the Clinton Presidency what the Clintons say was such a wonderful time to be an American... and the same will be true of the next Administration, regardless of which party is in the White House.

Hillary can become Senate Leader whether Obama wins in November or not, and she can then take credit for whatever legislation her Senate gets signed into law. That means she wins even if Obama loses this fall, and that sets her up looking very pretty for 2112 should she choose to run for President again.

But think of it... how much could a Senate run by Hillary (& a House run by Nancy Pelosi) accomplish if the President is Obama? The Health Care plan she wants for us all should have no trouble getting to Obama's pen... along with many of the other policy plans that the two Dem candidates had that were so alike that they are basically the same policies...

If Hillary plays it smart, she can take the job that she can do the most good at, while helping her party prove their ways are better for us than the past two terms under Bush II... and she can get the due credit while padding her resume for whatever she wants to do later on!!!

What could be more perfect???

I just hope that she can see the wisdom in this choice, and that her husband/campaign staff & consultants/supporters can get past their egos and not derail such a perfect plan for America's future!!!

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