Friday, September 19, 2008

In case you needed further proof...

More examples of why NBC/MSNBC news are biased to the liberal/Democrat agenda - as if you needed more from the many I have provided in the past:

MSNBC makes a huge production of the Dems convention, shipping every possible member of the on-air staff to be on location, but not as much of an effort for the Republican convention the following week.

The only example of this that needs noted is how the big pooh-bah of bias (Keith Olbermann) was on location with Chris Matthews as they found new ways to praise the Dems, but Keith & Chris had to do a long distance tag team effort when time came for Olbermann to deal with the Republicans. No reason was given for this obvious unequal manner in which to cover the convention of the party Olbermann is paid huge bonus $$ to attack every night on his "news show".

The more and more often instances where off screen staff can be heard laughing loudly - and every time a Republican is the reason for the overt display of disrespect & unprofessional behavior.

More liberal media outlets & commentators are booked for the forwarding of the liberal Democrat agenda or whatever talking points the Obama campaign wants the viewers to see/hear instead of actual facts from objective reporting - while less conservative Republican commentators are booked to provide anything resembling "equal time".

Liberal commentators are allowed to make distorted/false comments unchallenged while conservative commentators can barely get a sentence on record because of the way MSNBC on air staff join in with the liberal commentators to prevent an actual debate of the issues... most of the time a liberal commentator isn't necessary because the MSNBC staff is already doing the Dems work for them.

Tucker Carlson, the network's only independent voice, was punished for being so open-minded by having his show taken from him so that Dan Abrams could fill that hour with his biased opinions. Tucker was reduced to political commentator for the network before basically disappearing from the airwaves on MSNBC totally.

The lone conservative on MSNBC staff, Joe Scarborough, was moved from a prime-time (ish) slot to the boondocks of airtime at MSNBC - the 6am - 9am slot. Joe had to deal with having his show being hijacked by other on air staff who range from the idiotic ramblings of Willie Geist to the overtly rebellious way Mika negates Joe's comments by inserting the liberal talking points as the final thoughts of any conversation topic.

But as if that isn't enough punishment to teach Scarborough to convert to the liberalism of MSNBC, Joe must endure being a guest on other shows where he gets treated with total disrespect by liberal commentators or even hosts while any point he might make gets discredited or made into a joke.

But the final example I need to provide is how MSNBC went beyond the point of no return at light speed by taking a member of the most radically liberal and blindly partisan commentators over at Air America and giving her a show of her own on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow was rewarded for being even more biased than Olbermann with a show that fills the time slot that Tucker once had what MSNBC should be airing every hour.

The original tucker show had equal time for both liberal & conservative views that he kept honest by his moderate viewpoint & objective presentation.

From there the format was changed to include Maddow from being 1 segment bit player to more of a full show side kick as she was allowed to force her views at the conservative guest that might get stuck with her.

Then we saw a steady progression of less Tucker (and objective views) and more Maddow (and biased propaganda/lies) on the MSNBC airwaves.

Now the network is so slanted to the left that you wonder if the Dems are paying them to do it - or if they are willingly doing the Dems work.

Phil Griffin & Steve Capus should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the network to far pass FOX News in bias while doing the American people a total disservice as they have made NBC/MSNBC into a place where only viewpoints that agree with the liberal Democrat agenda are allowed to prosper.

This should be totally against what the fcc should allow on the public airwaves... but I guess Capus & Griffin are totally ok with letting people like Olbermann, Maddow, Matthews, Brewer, Mika, Shuster, Mitchell, O'Donnell, Gregory, Todd, etc forward the agenda of a party that is ok with spreading lies, propaganda, and other forms of biased views rather than being truthful, honest, objective, or professional.

So much for "integrity" that Steve Capus swore would be the foundation at NBC/MSNBC after the Imus scandal....