Friday, March 06, 2009

Irony of ironies!!! MSNBC's hypocritical way of using double standards to declare only the opposition guilty of hypocritical behavior

Instead of doing the same old scam of misleading the viewers with yet another "Hypocrisy Watch" where you distort the facts to make republicans seem to be the ones to blame - when it's actually the democrats deserving the blame for several failures you choose not to report... and do a "Hypocrisy Watch" that gets the story right because the truth determines the outcome - not some agenda for the liberal cause?

If you cared to research the situation, you would see that Republicans aren't as bad off as you keep telling the viewing public - and it's actually the Democrats that fit the description you use to label Republicans.

The liberal media says that the Republican party is in trouble because they have nobody leading them - and the fabricated "Limbaugh" problem is used as proof...

But what would you call a party that has one person claiming to be the leader, and then has his agenda defeated by members of his own party as they try to prove that they are in charge?

Well, that is the Democrats since Obama took office.

The President claimed to be in charge as he told Congress how he expected things to work out... and then the House Democratic leadership showed Obama by their counter-productive actions that they won't listen to him telling them what to do... and as this is going on the Senate Democrats add to the problem by still not being able to get anything accomplished - even after two years of them being in total control.

Then add in how Obama's senior staff behaves in ways directly contradicting his campaign promise of leaving partisanship in the past...

Having two democratic strategists that are so partisan it borders on delusional behavior like Begala & Carville having daily secret meeting with Obama's senior people - resulting in the smoke & mirrors scam of distracting the American people with the fabricated Limbaugh drama to keep us from seeing how the Dems & the Obama Administration took the bad situation handed to them from Bush's departure - and making things exponentially worse by flawed policies - and you in the liberally biased media mislead the people by covering up the obvious flaws of the democrat's agenda as things keep getting worse.

It's been 2 years of Democrat rule in Congress, so still blaming Bush & co for the current debacle only makes you part of the problem, not the solution.

Your choice of still trying to find ways to blame Karl Rove long after he stopped having any say in public policy doesn't help solve the problem at hand... but holding Begala, Carville, Obama's senior staff (as well as other super-partisan democrat pundits like Mark Penn) accountable for what you call "operation chaos" when their efforts would be better used in finding a way to work with Republicans, not against them (or in spite of them) is the first step to a better day for all Americans.

Karl Rove isn't the boogeyman you want people to believe him to be...

But as bad as his ideas were to the American public as a whole way back when he had some clout to shape the Bush policy... what Obama's senior staff and super-partisan pundits are doing now is far worse than what Karl Rove ever did.

And allowing people to come on air and get away with personal attacks against Rush Limbaugh - using several offensive adjectives as he sunk to the low level of personally insulting someone just because they disagree with you.

What made this offensive display of unprofessional behavior by the guest commentator was the way Chris Matthews not only allowed the string of insults to be said on air without one word of discipline... Matthews clearly showed his approval of this unwarranted attack by loudly laughing for several seconds.

If you want to expose hypocrisy, the first thing you need to do is clean house at MSNBC of such unprofessional behavior before you can have any integrity at being the watchdog of being in the wrong.

If you have any integrity at all... you need to hold Matthews & his guest accountable for being a much bigger offender than what you believe Karl Rove is still guilty of.

If you fail to set Matthews & his associate straight... then you don't have a leg to stand on as you judge those who disagree with you... and not one tiny bit of moral ground to stand on.

If you can't or won't apply this moral standard to everyone - regardless of political affiliation or personal connection to you... then it's time for you to quit - if not then you would be the biggest example of hypocrisy!!!