Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hypocricy Watch on MSNBC/NBC

Why do you selectively choose how you frame each "story" to help Dems and/or hurt Republicans? Why do you only say Limbaugh wants Obama to fail, but not report the entire commentary with the context? Limbaugh wants Obama to fail IF his goal is to replace the capitalistic free market with a liberal Democrat version of Socialism - NOT that he just wants the President to fail in every way possible. That is misleading to say it the way you do, and it promotes the same agenda that the Obama Administration is using to take the focus away from how badly the Dems are destroying the country ever since people like you helped them gain power back in 2006.

Obama claims to want a different type of Administration - one that is post-partisan... yet he has his chief of staff conduct secret meetings with the most partisan of liberal democrat strategists. Obama has his staff do the dirty work for him while trying to fool people into buying his "new politician" scam. How can Obama let his senior staff consort with such delusionally partisan hatchetmen as Begala - secretly polling the public with opinion polls so loaded against the Republican Party that it must be hard for even the super biased MSNBC/NBC people to keep a straight face as you say whatever will make the typical dirty tactics seem perfectly ok.

And why do you guys say RNC chairman Steele is not doing so well at his new job, but make excuses galore about why Obama deserves less scrutiny on his performance over the same time frame?

Why is it ok for the WH to attack a radio personality as they force how the Republicans try to do their jobs... but say that's it's wrong for Republicans to call attention to how the WH is tarnishing the reputation of the Office of the President by attacking a citizen and hiding from the battle with the opposing party??

Why is it wrong for someone not of the Democrat/liberal affiliation to say they don't want Socialism to replace our way of living... but it was totally fine for Democrats to make outrageous personal attacks against the former President - basically saying he was either mentally challenged or totally incompetent? (and how about the way the liberal media said nothing when the Dems tried to destroy John McCain's reputation by making many comments that said he was not mentally competent and too old to be President)