Thursday, March 05, 2009

So much for a "new era" of post-partisan politics by the Obama Administration/Democrats in Congress

Rush Limbaugh is as much a Republican party leader as any of the
liberally biased talking heads at MSNBC are leaders of the Democrat
party. Rush is simply the very vocal minority of the Conservative
aspect of the Republican party - and even though he likes to think he's
a major player (in the same way that liberal
commentators/strategists/members of the media want the viewing public
to believe) he has no "political capital" to get his agenda done.

the liberally biased members of the media at MSNBC/NBC, Huffington
Report, DailyKos, etc. - who have been rewarded by the current
Administration & Congressional Leaders for the hard work they did
during the election process as they mislead the American People with
liberal propaganda in place of objective news reporting (not to mention
whatever dirty tactic they could think of as they forwarded the liberal
democrat agenda - whatever it took as long as it meant stealing the
election for their democrat bosses)

Chris Matthews
bragged that he lets his personal opinions shape how he presents
information to the viewing public, not caring one bit about how a
journalist should conduct himself, as he (and almost everyone else at
MSNBC/NBC) gave up any sense of having integrity as they chose instead
to sabotage the process for one party over another.

Limbaugh has his right to express whatever opinion he wishes to
broadcast to his listeners - regardless of how stupid they may be...
but that doesn't mean he has the power to force his views on the party
as a whole, especially since his positions are on the fringe of the
movement, and people need to know that there aren't as many of people
who agrees with him as people want us all to believe.

as Rush should stick to commentating & not trying to run the show,
his counterparts of the liberally biased viewpoint shouldn't be allowed
to have any more of a say than anyone else in this country. It's time
for the liberally biased media outlets like MSNBC/NBC to stop doing the
exact same thing they demonize Rush for trying to do for his party of

Unless pundits,commentators, opinionists,
"so-called journalists", bloggers, etc. hold themselves to the same
standards they hold the opposition to, then it would be better if they
just didn't say anything at all.

Like Obama said during the campaign - there's not red states or blue states... we live in the UNITED STATES.

it's time the media tried to follow in those footsteps... and maybe
Obama's staff & fellow party members should get the memo about how
Obama wants to have a different kind of post-partisan era for his 4
year term... that way maybe "do nothing" democrats can work together
with "stubborn" republicans so they can fix the system they all helped
to break before it's too late for all of us here in the USA!!