Thursday, March 05, 2009

Contessa Brewer & her delusions of grandeur

I love to watch MSNBC because it's better than going to a comedy show. I have to laugh at how the on air personalities pretend to be actual journalists reporting news - when really they are just a bunch of clowns.

The latest example happened today when Contessa Brewer reported the story of Rush Limbaugh challenging President Obama to come on his radio program to debate the current issues - Democrat vs. Conservative.

As expected, MSNBC is bashing Rush & the Republicans... they try to make news by repeating ridiculous questions and coming up with crazy thoeries that demonize Limbaugh and attempt to portray Rebublicans as outdated, impotent dupes to Limbaugh's alleged political capital.

And when Contessa Brewer got her turn on air, she set a new personal record for stupidity - and I must say, that's some accomplishment because Brewer has a long history with being the village idiot at MSNBC/NBC!!

After berating Limbaugh and making fun of his challenge for Obama to debate him on his show Brewer loudly proclaimed that she found Limbaugh's comments funny - and then she explained how she had issued a similar challenge for Limbaugh to come on her program and debate political issues.

I almost felt sorry for her as she expressed how confused she was that Limbaugh seemed to have no desire to debate political issues with her - especially since he was implying negative things about Obama for not meeting his challenge while Limbaugh was guilty of the same thing... almost.

What Brewer fails to understand is that Limbaugh wouldn't consider meeting her challenge, and her cluelessness as to the reasons she'll never see Rush in her studio is both pathetic and a perfect example why she should never be allowed on air again.

Why would Limbaugh lower himself to debating Brewer? This is the person that couldn't tell when Tommy Chong was making fun of her when she tried to interview him on MSNBC during the Paris Hilton jail fiasco. Contessa had no clue at all about what Chong was trying to get across to viewers as he made her look like a 3rd grader who got held back twice.

Another sign of how unfit for the job Brewer is was when her interview went sour and she decided to try insulting Chong - implying that he might be stupid or brain damaged from smoking pot... she even went so far as to ask him if he had smoked anything that morning - as if his witty, sarcastic commentary was really just him not being very smart.

I'm sure Cronkite, Murrow, Walters, etc. totally approved of the way Brewer rolled her eyes at Chong in obvious disgust.

And this rude, condescending attitude is normal behavior for Brewer, as witnessed by the way she berated Limbaugh today, and again awhile back when she was rude when interviewing Rick Santelli who was on location at the NYSE.

Brewer was so obviously rude that another MSNBC on air commentator pointed out how rude she was at the end of the segment. This time, Contessa chose to also berate, demean, and make fun of someone Santelli had made the mistake of including in the segment's conversation... and I'm sure her wished that he never got on air since the result ended in a certain humilation for him on national tv.

But if that wasn't enough, Limbaugh could use the many examples of how unprofessional & unqualified Brewer is for making intelligent conversation with someone... not to mention conduct a professional & informative interview. If Brewer can't keep it together for the easy segments, what makes her think she's is ready for a hard-hitting debate on issues with an informed opponent who is a true believer in how right his views are?

When Contessa was talking to a reporter on location in Galveston in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. As the reporter talks to Contessa about how Ike has caused chaos for so many people now without a home to go back to, and a graphic tells of the $16 Billion in estimated damages, Brewer shows her lack of professionalism by ignoring the tragedy & loss on camera to talk about a bug that is on the camera's lens. I'm sure those effected by the disaster took comfort in how Brewer gave a bug more importance than them and what they were going through.

And don't forget the time Contessa decided that she needed to put lip gloss on her lips more than MSNBC needed someone at the studio being seen paying attention to a reporter telling how there was a serious security concern at a Giuliani campaign event.

I guess you can't expect someone like Brewer to be interested if the topic is a natural disaster or a potential security risk event for a Presidential candidate... Contessa herself admitted that she loves "computer solitaire, ice cream (with a twist!) and Bloody Marys" - so it's understandable why bugs & lip gloss mean more to her than paying attention while real news is happening on her watch.

But I'm sure a big reason why Limbaugh wouldn't come to MSNBC for any reason, let alone debating political issues with anyone of the on air staff, might be the way MSNBC makes sure their point of view is the one viewers get to see, and the hosts of the MSNBC shows have many tricks they will use to make the opposing viewpoint seem ridiculous while also making theirs seem to be the only reasonable one to have.

People at MSNBC will berate, bully, censor, cut off, and even shout over a guest foolish enough to have a view that differs from the liberal talking points. No tactic is too low if it means forwarding the liberal agenda... even if it means reporting inaccuratly what the other side said as the host gets in the last word as the segment is wrapped up.

It's not like Brewer has a track record for getting the facts straight if it means the Republicans/conservatives end up looking good to the viewers... and you can forget a correction if it becomes obvious to everyone that a report is totally wrong.

Maybe Rush is concerned that Brewer will have another bad day like the time she totally misreported a story about John McCain. (never confirmed, and never corrected after the inacurrate reports aired)

How can you try to have an honest debate on important issues when the other person has no problem putting incorrect information out as undisputed fact??

And if that person is in control of how long the debate will last, has control over how the process happens, and is in charge of the footage and can edit it however they wish - having the final say on what the viewing public gets to see when they allow it to air?

Contessa Brewer is an idiot if she actually believes she has what it takes to debate any informed opponent on serious political issues. But she is delusional if she thinks that someone like Limbaugh - a person who muct be high up on the MSNBC list of people they consider "the enemy" - would fall victim to what would never be an honest debate.

Who in their right mind would allow such an obviously biased media outlet like MSNBC have total control over what the video of the debate would look for the viewing public if it gets recorded at the MSNBC/NBC studios by MSNBC/NBC employees?

The bottom line is that Rush wouldn't lower himself to play whatever crooked game anyone at MSNBC would try on him... but if he was crazy enough to give it a shot, you can be certain that he'd never let himself be reduced to sharing a stage with someone not fit to read the times for movies at a small town theater.

But it was fun watching Contessa report the type of stories someone like her should be lucky to get rather than waste airtime as she totally fails trying to read a real news story from the prompter. (remember when she fell for the "I'm not gay" prank pulled on her?)

The final slam to Brewer & her delusions of grandeur was watching her get relegated to reading stories about the Octomom's crazy 911 call, getting excited over Michael Jackson's insane idea to charge people around $500 to see him suck as bad as Brewer doing karaoke, show video of the judge throwing the book at a dumb criminal, an idiot getting hit by a train & thinking it was a good thing, and Robin Williams health issues, and Obama's gray hair drama, among other non-important stories - while the other people get to talk about real stories people actually care about.

Contessa should worry more about not looking like a total d-bag every day rather than trying to get in the big leagues by challenging someone to a debate - how stupid is she to ask for something that would only make her look completely unqualified to all who have nothing else better to do than tune in to her ramblng.

Oh, one final clue for Contessa...

Why would Rush debate you when you have never had an original thought worth saying on air? The only reason you sound halfway competent some of the time is because someone else is in charge of writing what you get to say as you "report"?? And even that only works some of the time since you have this habit of saying whatever dumb thought pops into that empty head of yours.

You would be an embarrassment if you were still on a local network affiliate... but it's so sad to see a national network let an airhead lower the quality standard and ruin what little reputation is left for MSNBC/NBC.

You should do us all a favor & quit... go spend more time on your solitaire, ice cream, & Bloody Marys... please.