Friday, April 11, 2008

Time for Bill & Hill to quit crying & claiming to be a "victim"

Wasn't it Bill Clinton who said that politics is basically a contact sport, and if someone wants to run for office they better expect some hard hits, and if that seems too harsh then that person has no business running for office?

Why does he & his wife constantly cry & complain (most of the time wrongly) when yet another dirty trick they attempt to use against Obama blows up in their faces & hurts them not their opponent? Why is it ok for them to do what they say is wrong for others to do?

They have changed the message of Hillary's campaign so many times (depending on the state, or the issue du jour, or the weather, or what color tie Tim Russert is wearing, etc) it has ended up that her campaign is both for and against the major issues - sometimes both positions on any given issue happen at the same time period, or until enough people notice & they are forced to make excuses while coming up with another position - for the moment anyway.

If Hillary can't remember what she did or didn't do while he tarnished the reputation of the White House, then she has no business running for his old job, let alone anything beyond what a 6 year old can do. If Hillary gets tired & can't remember things correctly, what will happen if that infamous "3am call" ever happens with her to answer.

If Chelsea refuses to respond to tough questions like whether or not the way her parents handled themselves durring the "Monica" scandal - then she has no business stumping for her mom... at least that's what her daddy said about how the rules of campaign politics are played.

Oh, BTW, it was a no-brainer for her to say that her mom would be a better President than her father was... all Hillary has to do is avoid sexually abusing her interns; not sell the country's soul to countries like China, Dubai, Columbia, etc; maybe actually get a piece of legislation of her doing become law - and not take credit for the accomplishments of the opposing party that causes what people call "prosperity"; not pardon so many of her party hacks, friends, family as her husband did on his last day in office; etc.

Hell, all Hillary has to do to be better than Bill is for her to do even one positive act while trying hard to not totally screw things up even worse than Bill or George "Jr" did. I know of many 5 year olds that have at least a 50-50 chance of doing that much... but somehow I doubt Hillary would deserve half of that much of a chance to succeed.

I say better off letting the "new guy" who doesn't have a track record of corruption, failure, scandal, and the total partisan devotion that the Clintons have exhibited for over 30 years. Time for a fresh start tha Barack Obama offers this country... we are long overdue for someone like Obama to run the show in D.C. that has our best interests at heart, not his own.

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When will people realize the truth?

Bill Clinton hasn't lost his old charm like people are saying so often after yet another news-making debacle as he campaigns for Hillary.

I knew all along that this behavior wasn't a fluke, but what makes up Bill Clinton (and Hillary by proxy) at the very core of his being.

The recent incident of attacking the media for the Bosnia thing where he gets so many aspects wrong it makes swiss cheese seem like a concrete wall is just a continuation of how he looked directly into the camera and lied to our faces about Monica.

The dirty tactics, persecution paranoia, accusing others of the wrongs you yourself are doing, say anything/do anything if it gets the job done is what defines Bill & Hillary, and it's exactly what the people have had to deal with for far too many years from crooked politicians who say one thing but never mean it.

Hillary promised jobs to NY State in her 1st campaign... but after more than 250,000 were lost on her watch all she had were excuses and partisan b.s. to offer - while proceeding to scam us into believing she will somehow get it right this time - if we give her a chance. (as in hillarycare 2.0 or this pitch for new jobs)

Why do we seem surprised that Bill gets paid off (oops, I mean paid) from Columbia for a free trade deal under Hillary while she claims to oppose the deal? That's just a re-run of Bill getting paid huge sums from the Dubai people while Hillary tried to say she opposed that group running our seaports. Or how Hillary claimed to oppose NAFTA when it's on record that she spoke at a rally for the deal her hubby basically strong-armed us to accept like a mafia kingpin.

The Clintons have always been what people are just now seeing them to be. They are everything that's wrong with the system - all you need to prove it is look at all the corrupt, fat-cat, partisan bums who support her no matter what the facts say about how wrong they are on talking points. But if you need a hint, here's three:

1. Ed Rendell, the worst & most corrupt governor Pennsylvania has ever known.

2. John Murtha, the guy who barely escaped the ABSCAM ordeal because the "bribe" offered to him wasn't enough for his greedy corrupted ass.

3. Michael Nutter (Philly's corrupt mayor - and I don't mean Rendell when he was there) who knows what it takes to win Pennsylvania... making dirty deals & promising kickbacks to the Philly elite, because Pa. can be won if you win the 6 counties that make up the Philly metro area and do well in Pittsburgh. That's how Rendell became Mayor & then Governor & he's sold his soul to Hillary just like Nutter did in the hopes of a kickback should she win in November.

Three strikes... the Clinton's should be out this time. Maybe, if enough of you who usually fall for the Clinton lie machine wake up and see that the Clinton's aren't golden - they are just fool's gold. I hope enough of you see the true Clintons in time to stop the tragedy we would face if Hillary is our Democratic nominee for President.

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